Are the Cybermen the best Doctor Who villains?

Asked by: Jegory
  • Yes, the Cybermen are the best Doctor Who villains

    While they're definitely not the most iconic villains in Doctor Who, in my opinion they're the scariest and the best looking. Daleks just exterminate you; Cybermen turn you into one of them. They've also got the best 'battle cry' of "Delete!" and the prospect of facing them is truly terrifying; you can't run upstairs to escape a Cyberman!

    *By the way, I'm hoping to have a debate along the lines of "The Cybermen are the best villains in Doctor Who" some time, so if you'd be interested leave a comment or PM me. Thanks!

  • Yes they are the best

    They have have no fear unlike the Daleks who just cower whenever the Doctor appears. They don't just kill, they tear you open and stuff whats left of your brain into a suit where you have no emotion and are forced to aid them in there conquest and that is much scarier

  • Delete delete delete

    Cyberman have no emotions and are not scared of the word doctor unlike Daleks. They have changed in the years got stronger and now they are simply the best doctor who villain there has been and will be in the next years of doctor who and I would love to see cybermen v sontarons

  • The Weeping Angels

    I have to say that I am a big fan of the Weeping Angels. I like the way they are silent, and mysterious. You can't see them coming (by their very nature), and you can't kill them. The only way you can stop them is by outsmarting them.

    Don't get me wrong, the Cybermen are pretty cool, but I feel that they are pretty, run-of-the-mill Sci-Fi bad guys. Of course, I am pretty new to the Doctor Who universe, I haven't seen the old series yet. Perhaps I will change my mind.

  • Cybermen are not the best villains.

    I think it might be close because there are other cool villians out there like daleks and The Silence and the Ood and The Peg Dolls. But many could debait so I'm not sure. Thank you for listening to my comment and have a great Doctor Who filled summer vacation.

  • Two words: Exterminate! Exterminate!

    Daleks had the guts to start a war with the most powerful aliens in the universes, Time Lords. They said it themselves: Cybermen are only superior in one thing, dying. There was a battle between the two and guess who won, Daleks. Not even stair cases defeat them any more!

  • Cybermen are only superior in one thing: dying

    Cybermen are not that cool. They delete and upgrade things, while a Dalek is exterminating things. I know they're against each other and everything, but, like, I think they would be a good team. That was off topic. Sorry. Weeping Angels zap back into the past, which is also really cool! But, I mean, my favorite villain is The Doctor! He's not a villain to us, but if we were Daleks, Cybermen, or Weeping Angels, he would be!

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