• Dead are treated as they can

    During war you have to think of the living. The people who have died would understand that the rest of the troops can't do everything you would normally do upon someones demise. It just isn't possible. The dead must at times be left so that there will be no more casualties.

  • The dead are treated properly during war.

    The dead are treated properly during war. When some one dies on a battlefield, there are not many places to take them or things to do with them. Because of the limited resources, the surviving soldiers do the best that they can with giving their comrade a proper send off.

  • The dead is treated properly during war.

    The dead is treated properly during war. From what I have seen of how our nations treat our casualties is remarkable and highly respected. No matter who dies during war times they should be treated with the utmost respect. I am against war but it is a part of society that will never go away.

  • Nobody is treated well

    Nobody is treated well during war, and the dead are part of the larger group of 'everybody.' how could the dead be treated well in war? Would the enemy put back together destroyed bodies? Should we trade prisoners or piece for the bodies of soldiers? War is horrible, and should be undertaken only when huge things are at stake.

  • Nobody really is

    The dead are not treated properly during war - nobody is treated properly during war, the dead least of all. While the tradition that the most glorious and honorable death occurs in combat for a cause, in reality, there is little glorious of the dead in war, which makes their sacrifice even greater.

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