• Black Friday is the best day ever!

    Speaking the truth, I love shopping and black Friday is the one day I can stock up on things. You get such good deals. Less money, more stuff. The prices go very low. Don' believe it, step into best buy on black Friday and you will not regret it. So if you are planning to stay home on this once a year event, you are not american!

  • Yes it is

    Not for reasons you may think, but because some people don't have the money to pay for some things. Or their children dont ever have gifts on chrismas. So they should get cheaper things so they can have at least one good childhood experience. Or be appreciative over some things.

  • Yes, they are

    Cheap CHeap Cheap! YOu can get all kinds of toys for cheap cheap cheap prices! I haven't seen any other day the entire calendar year that you can get such a good deal. And if it won't last, who cares? There's a reason you're giving it away anyway, so man up.

  • People have DIED because of Black Friday.

    Have you ever seen a video of people on Black Friday? They beat the crap out of each other for things like Barbie dolls to TV's. Just google it and there will be cases of people dying or being hospitalized over the dumbest things.
    If you have to get the crap beaten out of you to get something (that is, if you manage to grab ANYTHING) at a discount, then it might not be worth it.
    Anyone who participates is just showing how desperate and how materialistic they really are. You wouldn't need to get things on Black Friday if you understood how money works.

  • Nothing is worth those crowds

    With the number and variety of shopping avenues open to consumers, anyone wiling to put in the effort can find the type of deals available on Black Friday somewhere. Why would anyone subject herself to the horrible traffic, lack of parking, crowds of rude shoppers, fighting over merchandise and long lines at the checkout counter?

  • You can't pay me enough

    You can't pay me enough or give me a big enough deal to make me want to leave my house on Black Friday. It is the most obnoxious day of the year. I have no desire to be out there with hundreds of people, crowding and shoving just to make someone else a little richer. The prices do not go down that low.

  • No no no!

    The fact that we observe a day of gratitude and thankfulness the day before Black Friday makes the problem much worse. After being thankful for what we have, we turn around and greedily push our way through stores trying to find a better "deal" on a product. Where is the humanity in that? One might argue that the spirit of the occasion is to get things to give to other people. However, it really is the cheap prices that drives this dark day. Also, the fact that other people are willing to fight and injure each other over a product is exceptionally worrisome. All of the messes created to save some money simply isn't worth it.

    Posted by: RMB2
  • No, Black Friday Creates A Dangerous Shopping Environment.

    In a rush to save a few dollars, shoppers get up early, and wait in mobs in cold, dark parking lots, just to rush like stampeding animals when the doors are finally opened. They hurry inside to fight over the invented scarcity of the popular items for the season, often displaying the worst qualities of humanity as they argue over and snatch at those must-haves on their lists. The loss of sleep and eagerness to get a deal I can understand, but the entire attitude around Black Friday creates a mob madness in which people are trampled and injured, and for what? To possibly save a few dollars? With the ease of shopping online, and the growing popularity of Cyber Monday - often on the websites of those same big box stores they'd visit in person, it's just not worth it.

  • No They Aren't

    Companies started to produce special cheaper products to sell at "discounted" prices on Black Friday quite a few years ago. These items are no made to last and they serve no real purpose other than to get your in the store. Stop kidding yourself, these aren't "deals." You're being fooled and you don't even realize it!

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