Are the debate subjects on moot, stupid, or trivial?

  • Debate Subjects Trivial yet Worth Reading

    I believe that the debate subjects on are trivial, yet I do feel that there are certain subjects that are worth discussing over. As long as the opinions are sound from the user-base (and not jargon that we can't understand or comprehend) and as long as the debate itself is not an angry storm of hate points, people have the ability to discuss freely the subjects that countries go through on an everyday basis. On a rare occasion, the responses from these subjects can prove to be beneficial in a real-world example.

  • No, Encouraging Thought, Discussion and Debate is Important

    In order for people to learn and develop better informed opinions, public discussion and debate is critical. This goes back at least to Ancient Greece, but now that we have the technology for international discussion on the internet it is much easier to hold a debate and allow people of various backgrounds to participate. Because the internet is such an easy and convenient way to open debate to this large population, sites like are an important tool in public education and discussion.

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