• Yes.

    Democrats are perfectly capable of fighting terrorism, as Barack Obama has demonstrated. The idea that Democrats are somehow "weak" is Republican spin designed to get people who are afraid of terrorism to vote Republican. Of course, this goes both ways: Democrats are also perfectly capable of dragging the nation into futile and costly wars.

  • Democrats Use Different Strategies

    Here's the difference between Barack Obama and Bush Jr. George W. Bush used two invasion forces to go after "terrorists." In doing so, he created more tension and Al-Qaeda expanded into Iraq. Obama used a SEAL team to kill Osama bin Laden, effectively ending 10 years of strife since 9/11. Democrats are perfectly capable of fighting terrorism--liberals simply aren't concerned about gas prices.

  • Completely capable

    I'm on the yes side simply because Obama ordered the attack on Osama Bin Laden, the guy the Republicans failed to kill for many years. Bush went into Afghanistan, and then Iraq, and he did not weaken the terrorists, he made them much stronger and more violent towards America and the Western world. Obama's administration has weakened al-Qaeda significantly by killing many of its leaders. They focus on the actual threat.

    Posted by: LeoL
  • The democrats have a sensible foreign policy that focuses on Al-Qaeda not oil!

    The democrats are certainly capable of fighting terrorism. Not only do they put in the necessary regulations etc. like any government would, they also focus on Al-Qaeda and other terrorism, not oil. This is shown under the Obama administration who ended the war in Iraq (a war that increased terrorism) and then focused on Afghanistan where they have killed the leaders of Al-Qaeda (most notably) as well as successfully dismantling the organisation to an extent. Now it's so successful they're able to train forces so that Afghanistan will still stay strong alone against terrorism. It is clear that the democrats are able to successfully suppress and fight terrorism.

    Posted by: pete
  • Completely incapable of recognition

    First, democrats fail to recognize the real enemy. Instead of attempting to find means to combat radical Islamic terrorism, they stage a sit in and then try to raise money off the dead in the Orlando shooting. The sit in was just a dog and pony show to deflect attention from the real problem.

  • No they aren't

    But then neither side truly wants to fight terrorism as much as they want to control the population anyway in my opinion. The war on terror is really a smokescreen for the war on us as citizens. That's the real war going on, the war on terror is just the excuse conjured up to make us afraid so we'll do as we're told to do. So no I don't think Democrats are capable of fighting terrorism, and neither are Republicans. It would be against their interests to do so as they need it to keep their control and gain more of it over the populace.

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