Are the Economic Pressures in the American Health Care System too Great to Safely Legalize Euthanasia and Physician-Assisted Suicide?

  • Yes, the government would end up killing off undesirables.

    Yes, the economic pressures of the American health care system are too great for euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, because the government would eventually see it as a license to kill off people that they think take too much money from the health-care system. The government would abuse these avenues in order to end the lives of those using medical care.

  • Economic pressures would have little impact on the legalization of euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide.

    Although healthcare is expensive, it has very little to do with the legalization of euthanasia and phycisian-assisted suicide. In fact, legalizing euthanasia could actually reduce healthcare costs by provide patients with an alternative to undergoing expensive and painful treatements that ultimate only delay death rather than cure disease or prevent death.

  • Right, but wrong conclusion

    Around half of all Medicare expenditures (expenditures made by the US government for health care for the elderly) is spent within the last few months of a person's life; in other words, people about to die, who cannot be saved by medicine, are eating up a huge % of GDP. Euthanasia would be a boon to the health care least financially.

  • Euthanasia Should Be One Option

    Despite a health care system that loves to prolong life and make more money, euthanasia should be one option when all other choices for treatment have failed. Terminally ill patients who know they are going to die from their malady shouldn't have to wait weeks, months or years for their disease to finish them off. Euthanasia is just one option for patients who shouldn't have to live in pain one moment longer than is necessary.

  • Economics Not A Problem

    I do not believe economics plays a part in deciding to legalize euthanasia and physician assisted suicide. I think there are a lot of moral questions that need to be answered in this arena, but overall I feel like it is more of a personal issue and shouldn't be turned into a politcal matter.

  • No I don't think its the Economic issues

    I don't think it is the economic issues and pressures that is keeping physician assisted suicide from being legalized in the US. I think the issue is more social. It would be very hard to monitor the practice and make sure people are not taking advantage of the right by just killing people.

  • Economic Pressures Do Not Effect Physician-Assisted Suicide

    There is no reason to believe that economic pressures would influence the legalization of euthanasia or physician-assisted suicide. The problems with legalizing these procedures are bound in moral dilemma. There will always be doctors available to provide these services, if the circumstances for the patient meet the professionals standards for such services.

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