Are the effects of global warming and climate change reversible?

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  • Climate has chabged like crazy in the past

    We arent even close to what the earth has faced in the past several hundred million years, there were far worse times, and earth has still gone huge cooling periods afterwards, and it still can if we start to make changes
    of course, we wont see changes in a year or something, but over several decades, the temperature based effects of human created climate change can be solves.
    Earth has been through times when CO2 concentrations were far higher than today, and there were little ice caps, and yet it still had an ice age later on, climate is dynamic, and hence can be changed over a long period
    so we should start making the change today.

  • It can be reversed.

    It is china and all the other highly populated countries that are causing our climate change. If we take the countries out like japan or china then we can stop the effect that they are causing on our country ( U.S.A ) and the rest of the world. Because it is the cars that they are using. They will possibly be the cause of all extinction of the world and if we don't act fast they ( China, and Japan ) will cause the human race to end.

  • Is is simple fact

    If we assume that we are causing the damage, then we would have the power to undo it (we have ways of pulling CO2 out of the air and back into oil, it isn't very efficient, but it is possible). As CO2 is pulled out, the green house effect starts to reverse, cooling the planet and re-freezing water. We can reverse the global warming trends by drastically reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. The effect of carbon dioxide on amplifying the "greenhouse effect" is well known. Even if the current warming trend is natural, rather than man-made, many scientists show that reducing the carbon dioxide will reduce the temperature.
    Although global warming and climate change are serious issues, our level of technology and science is increasing so rapidly that professionals will be able to not only slow down, but also reverse these changes. If research continues onward, scientists will undoubtedly tackle this problem with ease. The money and time must be devoted towards this in order for change to happen, though.

  • Yes they are reversible

    We are capable of inventing green technology to reverse global warming and preserve the earth for future generations but we choose not to because we are stupid. We choose to kill ourselves and future generations. If we can come up with the technology we have today, then we can invent green technology and switch from pollutant technology to green technology.

  • Carbon Dioxide Sequestration

    The major governments around the world must cooperate, and with funding from industry, donations, and taxes construct massive, CO2 capture units. I would propose a CO2 tax be levied upon the heaviest greenhouse emitters, perhaps even the individual should pay for what they use too. If the tax was included in the cost of energy this would make things easy. I feel that this tax is completely essential to help fund this invaluable asset to our world. This project is for the health of our earth. With such a lofty cause, I'm sure there would be no problem finding volunteers to help with the project. As it stands the CO2 in the air is above 400 parts per million, it needs to be returned to pre-industrial revolution levels of 280 ppm. If something to this effect is not done I feel the world will continue to get hotter as we spew ever more and more CO2 into the atmosphere every single day. If we don't do something to stop this it will eventually lead to a significant reduction in biodiversity, or even possibly a mass extinction.

  • While the cause is up for debate, it is definitely reversible.

    Global climate change has been happening since the beginning of Earth's history. In the Cretaceous Era, the Earth's surface was significantly warmer than it is today. During the ice age, it was significantly cooler. Neither of these effects have lasted to this day, so obviously they have been reversed. Today is the same thing. The global climate is constantly changing and will continue to change regardless of what we do.

  • I reject the premise.

    There have been no measurable "effects of global warming and climate change," so debating whether they are reversible is pointless. The only global warming that has occurred is either in bogus computer models that do not accurately model the past climate variation or is entirely natural - we are STILL recovering from the mini-ice age. Don't believe everything those that want to restrict your liberty say - regardless how convincing their graphics are...

  • History supports this

    If the effects for global climate change could not change, then we would still be in an ice age. The evidence points to an ice age in the past. If one considers that the earth has been warming ever since, one must also assume that the earth started out as an ice ball with absolute temperature, or 0 K. Is not that logical? Does that fit with the facts? No. No matter how logical an idea is, it is not true if it does not fit the facts.

  • Everyone on the "No" side clearly has no knowledge of the Earth's history

    This has happened before people. Temperatures have risen higher than this and have dropped down into the 3rd, 4th, 5th Ice Age before. That was naturally. The atmosphere will be fine, the ozone layer will be fine, water vapour is more of a greenhouse gas than CO2, if we don't go too far we will be fine. This has happened before and we haven't all spontaneously combusted.

  • Weather is uncontrollable

    No one can control the weather. Sure the climate has frozen rather than thawed over time. When scientists were trying to predict future climate changes, they never thought of the new phenomenon: Us humans. They presence of us on this planet has harmed this planet with, mad-made atmospheric pollution. Over the past 100 years, the average temp has risen at an unprecedented rate and it is no coincidence that this corresponds with the industrialization of many countries. One other reason why Global warming and climate change may not be reversed is because last time the climate change, there was a Ozone layer. This time Antarctica and Oceania has no Ozone layer.

  • The damage has already been done, and the effects are not reversible

    In the past 10 years, our global temperature has increased drastically, far surpassing our natural trend. Intense temperature fluctuations have already started happening, and our forests are currently receding at an alarming rate. Even if we completely halt carbon dioxide emissions right now, abundant amounts of CO2 and methane will be released from the now receding arctic permafrost and oceans. This year, 2012, southern parts of Canada will be reported to have no snow, as compared to the previous years with over 2 feet of snowfall.

  • The effects of global warming and climate change are not reversible, because the damage has already been done, so it can only be slowed.

    The damage that global warming and climate change is causing can be slowed, but the damage already caused cannot be reversed. Harmful gases have eroded the atmosphere, to the point that we have to protect our atmosphere right now, but lack the ability to create a new one. God gave us what we have, and it is our duty to protect it.

    Posted by: ToyMatt
  • I do not believe that the effects of global warming and climate change can be reversed completely by human intervention, because a portion of it is being naturally caused.

    While some reports indicate that global warming and climate change are driven by human technology and activity, these huge global responses are driven by natural forces, as well. We have limited evidence of the sources of climate change, in the past. This ancient earth has gone through countless climate cycles during its existence, and we cannot insist that homeostasis for the Earth is a climate that keeps us comfortable. Also, the juggernaut of climate change could scarcely be stopped at this point, even if we completely halted all technology that we suspect may have an impact. We may always try, and our efforts may prove fruitful in a limited manner, but I do not believe that we have the power to completely reverse a process we do not even fully understand. It would be like holding back the tide.

    Posted by: LovelyKelly
  • No, because what is done, is done.

    I do not believe the effects and damage we have done over the past, who knows how many hundreds of years, can be reversed. I do believe, however, that we can stop things from getting worse, if we act now. We are responsible for this planet. It is our home and, as far as we know, there isn't another we can go to if we screw this place up. A few people doing things will not make a difference. The whole world needs to stop wasting and polluting.

    Posted by: 5h4yGlory
  • No, because I do not believe that humans have that much effect on global warming and climate change.

    The Earth always has and always will go through climate changes. Before humans existed, the planet had severe warming and severe cooling. What is happening now is part of natural state of the Earth.

    Posted by: TangyHarry36
  • The effects of global warming are not reversible, because the damage already done is too great.

    We have already done massive amounts of damage to our atmosphere, and global warming is a by-product of our own doing. While we cannot reverse these effects, we can slow them down and manage them. If we can reduce our dependency on oil, and take better care of our environment, then we can reduce the impact of a major climate change. Global warming has already started. We are still too dependent on oil, and there are more people that disregard the warnings than people who are trying to make a difference. Because of our over-population and lack of concern for the earth that we live on, unfortunately, there cannot be enough of a significant change to completely reverse the effects of global warming.

    Posted by: baneofbliss
  • The damage has been done. Maybe the Maya were right about our world dying in 2012.

    The fact that the Earth is warming so quickly has scared the crap right out of me. At this rate the world could actually die in 2012! Who knows. We have seriously screwed our world. And now we have to pay the price.

  • I disagree because the damage is done and ice that has melted is not going to magically reappear.

    Lakes are drying up, ice is melting, areas are becoming far different from what they used to and are supposed to be. Things cannot go back to how they previously were, no matter if it was a lake losing water or ice caps and glaciers melting.
    The damage is done and can't be fixed, but I'm sure further damage could be stopped.

    Posted by: I33Iess
  • The effects of climate change are not reversible because they are so long in the making and reach into so many areas of life.

    We've been contributing to global warming and climate change for so many years without really considering the consequences and now that we're starting to feel them, it's too late to stop. We might be able to slow down climate change if every single driver stopped driving or if everyone in the world stopped buying bottled water and started planting rooftop gardens but the likelihood of that happening is slim to none. Our best bet is to adapt to the changes ahead of us.

    Posted by: VivalaDav

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