• Yes they are.

    There should be both a spending cap and an age limit for medical care beyond a certain age. If you've got somebody hurdling toward 75 and doing so solely because there's money available for modern medicine to fight uphill to keep them alive, Let them go. If they are making genuine contributions to society that earn them enough money to live to see 120, Great, They can fund that misadventure from within without assistance from outside sources. What benefit is there in continuing extensive medical care for someone who is 80+, Living in a nursing home and living only because it is medically possible, And who may be in a mental state where they don't even know they're actually alive?

    Sentiment is good, But at some point there must be realistically-minded people who step in and say "This person is 82, On dialysis, Has had three diabetes-related amputations in the past three months, Doesn't do anything to sustain life themselves, And contributes nothing, Yet they have consumed $468, 000 in the last 12 months via medical intervention. They are bankrupting their family and the country with this continued experiment and as of right now, That money train stops. "

    The aged always like to fall back on the argument that "they paid it in and deserve it! " well, Okay, I'm okay with that. We'll put the lower limit on allowable spending at. . . 100% of the figure "they paid in". Once that funding is gone, Let the patient live as long as they will and die as they should, Ideally before their continued existence has ruined the lives of their offspring irreversibly.

  • Lazy, Complaining, Useless

    The ones I know have very tainted views on life. They have it good. Pensions. Money.
    They do nothing but idle there time away, Talk on mundane things, They do contribute wisdom or knowledge. While the young are working everyday to cater to these people.
    They have all the money. The best jobs. The power and influence. But seem to be dumb.
    They create the wars. Look at the old idiots around like George Bush. Junior or senior. Donald Trump. Not reforming the economy. Screwing women outside marriage. Giving tax breaks to the rich. Not declaring his tax records because he did not pay tax. Warren Buffet. Tight fisted old man.
    After 55 got to get rid of them to let the new ones take over. Medical costs, Nuisance costs. Is okay for them to sit in a room with a carrot. They are not useful.

  • Unfortunately, they are!

    They are dependent and reliant on their families therefore, a burden to society. Don't get me wrong I love my grandparents however care homes are expensive and often don't even benefit the elderly and make them even more miserable. At once point, they can't contribute to society and need to always be helped.

  • Net users of resources

    Once the elderly become net users of society's resources due to heavy dependence on healthcare, pensions etc, they are irreversible burdens on society, eating up taxes that could be better used for infrastructure, education, research and health services for people who actually have a chance to be of service to society again.

  • They are a burden and that is ok

    Id say 90% or more of the elderly truly contribute nothing meaningful to the world, they just contentedly watch television while chewing on tax dollars. However it is the fact that they can do that which makes us all feel safe knowing that we will be cared for by the society we supported throughout our lives when we grow old.

  • The piss and shit of attractive girls have infinitely more value than these decrepit, useless fossils. Who wants to hang out with the living dead?

    They are all ugly, unattractive and gross, they smell and 99.9% have no more redeeming personality left to speak of. They are annoying and unpleasant and creepy as fuck. When a person loses their looks (if they had any), personality, charm and sexiness, they ought to have the dignity to flush the pieces of unattractive shit they have become down the toilet of existence, i.E., end their sorry and pathetic, useless lives. They make me retch. We should have mass euthanasia for all unattractive, unfit, sartorially challenged geezers and codgers, which means most of them cadaverous wretches.

  • Are the elderly a burden om society?

    The knowledge of the elderly is outdated and useless. They are bed bound and require constant care at great expense. I am sixty eight years old and my greatest fear is being a burden on my children. I hope I drop dead suddenly of a heart attack. I had my turn.

  • Yes yes yes

    They burden thier family the burden society . They are dangerous on the road . They hold up lines because they always think someone is trying to cheat them. They think they know everything yes they may know a little more but not as much as they think . Plus a majority of them are hateful .It's not my fault your old so don't treat people like crap

  • Just look at SS and medicare!

    The elderly are a massive burden, and are really no different than those on welfare. Actually, people on welfare may someday get off and begin contributing whereas the elderly never will. It's sad yes, but social security and medicare simply aren't sustainable systems anymore and it's incredibly unfair, and more importantly irresponsible, to ask the next generation of American's to fund these systems if they'll never see a dime.

    Once you reach a certain age, as brutal as it is to hear, you simply need to be put on an ice float and pushed out to sea.

  • The elderly are unsustainable.

    Since human beings are living longer than at any point in history there just isn't enough resources to sustain the elderly in the long term,when they are unable to take care of themselves they become a burden to society especially when you have a massive influx of births as in the case of the 74.9 million baby boomers and 75.4 millennials. The elderly government officials that are currently in office have an antiquated and selfish worldview that clashes with the younger generations and most of them are unfamiliar with modern science and technology. The harsh reality is that the human body wasn't designed to last a very long time that's why ancient civilizations practiced Senicide.

  • Absolutely not, the Elderly belongs in society.

    The elderly have been through it all, seen it all and meant so much to our young lives. Speaking as a young 26 year old, I've only survived big problems in my life as well as gave me a lot of great advice to use in everyday life. I hope that I'm that honorable and wise when I'm older.

  • No, the elderly have contributed much to society.

    Members of the elderly community already contributed much to society during their prior working years. They contributed to taxes and put in money towards social security to stimulate the economy.
    At some point everyone grows older and it is the current generation's responsibility to contribute towards the care of the previous one. The elderly still make contributions to society even though they aren't as noticeable as the achievements of younger citizens.

  • No, the elderly are not a burden on society.

    If anything, the elderly are a great wealth to us. They possess a great deal of old world knowledge, and a level of expertise unknown to the younger generation. They posses the knowledge from real-life experiences, situations and customs that can help lay the path in an effort to maintain honorable values within our current culture. On another note, the elderly population once took care of us, and did not consider it a burden.

  • No They Are Not

    Its money that is the issue. Shure in some ways yes they can be a burden. . . . . . …. . . ……. If they are in bad health but some of the viewpints on the other side of the debate are downright desterbing. I feel in a nation like ours it is the rediculouse amount of money that is the problem, The insane price of healthcair that is the problem. And the responsibility that is placed on the Family or taxpayer due to a outdated system and increasing costs. It is not the elderly that are the problem 90% of the time it is the system.

  • Not only are they not a burden

    But if it weren't for them we wouldn't be alive. This sounds simplistic but here it goes. . . . Children are born to parents, Grandparents help those parents raise those children, Who if they learn something will grow up to be the future leaders in societies and country. That's all they do, Burden? Haha

  • Elderly are not a burden on society

    Difficult behaviour, Agitation, Mood swings, Critical and demanding behavior
    is seen in all age groups. So, The thought that elders have fixed ideas and do not
    accept changes proves incorrect. And its a fact, Every human on born in this world will surely get old. If you are young does not mean that you would not get old.

  • All people will age!

    I am in my 70's and when we were young after the war we had NOTHING! No fridge, TV, Washing machine, Dryer, Car etc. Only the radio. My parents had to SAVE for all the luxuries but now the younger generation expect all the goods as their right. We also saved for a deposit on a property and that took 5 years. Would they do the same today-NO The new generation are not grateful for what we had to achieve. I went to work on a motor bike for 8 years in ALL weathers. 20 miles to the employment and I was never late. Fell off once with the black ice but picked myself up and continued to work. The new generation want a car from 17 Y/O. Think about how we struggled for YOUR future.

  • Old not a burden

    Just some main points. The vast amount of experience and knowledge they bring to the table can’t be overstated. Elders have been an important part of our society and culture. Moreover they buy lots of stuff, And require constant care. You can look at this as a burden because some (not all) rely on social services. However this money is pumped right back into the economy. There are entire industries that cater to the senior members of society.
    Similar arguments could be made about any group of people that is a strain on health care resources.
    I just don’t see them as a burden.

  • Imagine yourself in their boots.

    I agree that in a way, the elderly can be troublesome and slightly annoying. But no matter which gym you go to or which super specialist international class type doctor you have at you home; even you will be in that state tomorrow. Maybe not tomorrow, maybe not even the day after, but someday you will experience what they did. You will have the same problems. And you will again have people against those of your age. Thats all that I HAVE TO SAY......

  • They have been our providers

    Anybody that thinks are elderly are a burden should look to how much of a burden they were to their parents grandparents. Do not under estimate what can be learned from the olde generation. Ask those that think the elderly are a burden, if they would like to see their parents or grandparents killed off once they are deemed no longer able to work. I remember my son at the age of about 16 saying people of 65 should be put down. I asked him if he was prepared to kill his grandparents. That made him sit back and realise what a stupid comment he had made. All youngsters think the elderly are a pain, doesn’t mean they really know what they are talking about

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