Are "the elderly" right when they say"The old days were better"?

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  • A day is a day.

    A period of duration relative to the rotation of a planet within a solar system. As long as no appreciable aberrations occur within a system then the duration of one daily event is always going to be much the same as another. As for the elderly, They will soon cease to exist and all their memories will dissipate. And the evolutionary sequence will continue to necessitate change, Irrespective of what the elderly
    might think or might have thought.

  • In only SOME sense

    I believe elderly people have done this all over the world ever since the earliest civilizations.
    So I guess that means the earlier we go in time the better the world? Bulls**t! There is more opinion/bias than fact. Explain to me how a humanitarian world is not as good as a cruel, Racist(Im not saying racism is dead however it is often considered bad and is taught in the public it is immoral in today's time), There was more likely to be wars but thanks to the UN and globalism it is less likely(I said that as an anti globalist), Technology was not as good(I hate it when old people tell me a 50s TV is better than a modern one, Same with cars). Watch crash tests between new and old cars, Old cars are always more damaged and old people come up with all these excuses of why the old car was not successful. By the way, This is ironic because I am a history buff.

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