Are the first debates for the Republican primaries being handled properly?

  • Republican presidential candidate log jam being handled the only way it can.

    The Republican primaries are being handled the only way it can be handled. With over 30 Candidates already declared to run for the nomination, the majority of these you have never heard of and pose no real chance to become president either in 2016 or 2020. With limiting the field to 10 you will get the major players and get to hear their stance on issues, as well as heard from a few of the smaller candidate's as well. After this debate, some will drop out, some will rise and some will just "float."

  • Republican Primary Circus

    The Republican primaries seem to be shaping up to be a circus act. Donald Trump is providing controversial sound bites and giving out other candidate's cell phone numbers. Other candidates are destroying their cell phones in public. It just seems to be immature on all sides. It will be difficult to have a meaningful debate with so much mean spirited behavior.

  • Republican primaries are a circus.

    There are far too many candidates, many of whom barely possess basic life skills. The screening process for candidates is non-existent, allowing for far too many extremists and unstable persons to build a public platform for bizarre opinions that jeopardize and infringe on the rights and liberties of the nation.

  • The Peoples Voice Hasn't Been Taking Into Consideration

    I do not feel the people's voice is being taken in to consideration. Having candidates like Donald Trump make a mockery out of the system and I feel someone like him would not be able to run the country without his own interests taking precedence. His policies on minimum wage are not want the country wants.

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