• Massive talent spanning the Millennium

    The Foo Fighters are biggest band to have spanned the Millennium. They kicked off in 1994 like a Pheonix from the ashes of Nirvana, And continue produce original and high quality music two and a half decades late. They are worthy of comparison to the Beatles and the Rolling Stones.

  • Foo Fighters are a great kick of the past with a mix of new sounds.

    The Foo Fighters are a good band because they are able to continuously put out new material that is satisfying, fun, and enjoyable to listen to. Through all of their albums, they've just gotten bigger and bigger, and in a time were hyper-produced pop music is the dominates the charts, the Foo Fighters are able to kick life and energy into a music scene which is hugely different then what it is today. I am not saying that the Foo Fighters are a amazing band, they are with their flaws, no doubt about that, but after seeing them live, I can say that the Foo Fighters are a good band, and i will continue to listen to them.

  • An individuality that was much needed

    The Foo Fighters are unlike any other band I have heard before. Each song is different, unlike typical rock songs that have the same chord progression, beat, chorus, etc. They are true and authentic; you can tell Grohl means every word he sings and each song means something to him. When you buy an album of theirs, you know you won't be disappointed.

  • The Foo Fighters are a good band

    Yes, I think that the Foo Fighters are a good band full of talented musicians who have made some great albums over the years. The Foo Fighters have had great songs such as "The Pretender" over the years and are easily recognized by others who follow music which makes them a great band.

  • Foo Fighters are not good band.

    Foo Fighters are very old and they are not popular anymore. Although their brand of alternative rock was popular in the 1990's, it is outdated and stale now. No one listens to them anymore. The music industry has become much more vibrant and bold since the hey-day of Foo Fighters.

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