Are the free satellite lunches provided in some schools actually providing students with a decent diet?

Asked by: ur_gurly_belana
  • Depends where you are at

    I got a lot of tasty hot meals at school. They were not restaurant quality but they were a step above microwave dinner. Sometimes I got delicious beans or chicken sandwich and strawberries.
    I think some states cheap out on students lunches.
    If it were up to them they would only give beans and cheese for lunch every day for students.
    My public school program was the best and I will happily pay taxes for it.

  • Students just throw it away, And there are some health concerns.

    I have plenty of complaints about the satellite lunches provided by the school district I'm in. First off, The food is just all around bad. The meats are often undercooked (I thought chicken was supposed to be "white meat", Not "pink meat"? ), The food looks bad and smells really, Really bad, The portion sizes are too small to sustain adolescents my age, And the list goes on. I must say, The satellite lunches at my high school aren't nearly as bad as the ones from middle school (we often received chunky expired cartons of milk, I switched my p. E. Class to the morning instead of after lunch because of the terrible stomachaches I would get after eating the school food, Etc. ), But there certainly need to be some changes made. The food is so unappealing, That most students just throw it away! As a student, I don't rely on school lunches anymore. I gag in the lunch line! My only meal on school days is dinner, As I don't regularly have time to eat breakfast in the morning. My parents have been busy working, And have not been able to make/buy us big dinners, So we often have to look through the fridge. I often go to bed hungry (I'm hungry as I write this! ) because I make sure my younger siblings have something good to eat. I appreciate the work the school district is doing to help students in need of lunch, But shouldn't they have collaborated with us? We should know what we are ingesting, And I don't mean just having us sample carrot sticks.

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