Are the Giants still capable of making the championships after Victor Cruz's knee injury?

  • It could happen

    There have been many come backs, so time till tell. Just because one player has an injury doesn't mean that the entire team can't try to work together. Maybe someone will step up and be able to substitute him just as well, or even play better. A good team can play together no matter what

  • More Offense & "Star" Players Needed

    With Victor Cruz injured, the Giants need to strengthen their offense. Even though Cruz is their star receiver, the Giants MUST put forth their best alternate options; that could fall in the hands of their younger players, so they can team up with manning and see it through. All in all, they have to tighten up their game, and highlight some of their talented but less visible talent.

  • The Giants are still capable of making the championships

    It is a difficult spot for the New York Giants in their loss to the Eagles and worse yet, the injury to their wide receiver, Victor Cruz. Will this stop them from making the championships? One man doesn't make a team. With the great coaching and talent the Giants have, they are still capable of making the championships.

  • victor cruz's kee injury

    One of the most best and popular player team absent makes a lot difference,so i think the gaints are not still capable of making the championships after victor Cruz's injury.after the injury of the victor may whole the team game plan may be change.which will result them to lost the game.

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