Are the Golden Globes more significant than the Oscars?

  • Golden has more accuracy according to IMDB

    Search for the winner films of both awards on IMDB. The Golden Globes are usually won by a higher rated film, Oscar winners has less stars. Take into account these two things: 1. Not saying the Golden always prize the higher rated film, But more than Oscars, And 2. That both awards are heavily influenced by political correctness of the epoch (antiwar, Progay, Sexuality, Atheism, Etc).

  • Significant yes, but prestigious no?

    The globes arguably draw from a wider base and therefore, also arguably, there is more competition. C.F. Commonwealth Games gold medal vs Olympic. But prestige may come from being niche and focussed in criteria. If there was a Nobel prize for cheerleading, I really don't think I'd respect it much!

  • The golden globes are for everyone.

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  • Because they are

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  • Make Split Decisions.

    The Golden Globes has the right idea: you split the award for such things as Best Motion Picture and Best Actor/Actress into two categories, Musical/Comedy and Drama. This way, you can acknowledge two films in which case both deserve the award. For example, both "The Graduate" and "In the Heat of the Night" won awards, Best Motion Picture - Musical/Comedy and Best Motion Picture - Drama, respectively. Both are great films, and both deserved the awards. I also felt that The Graduate was more deserving of the Oscar than "In the Heat of the Night," because Hoffman was excellent in it and the ending is absolutely fantastic. The Globes definitely has my vote.

  • Golden Globes and Oscars just the Same.

    Hello I'm a big Animated fan and this year It awarded to the best Animated films of 2014: How To Train Your Dragon 2 won at the Golden Globes while Big Hero 6 won at the Oscars. Both have the same storyline about Losing the ones you love and bring hope in the end. This is the same happend when the Golden Globes introduced this category in 2007 when Pixar's Cars Awarded while Warner Bros. Happy Feet took home the oscars. Another one is in 2012 when "The Adventures of TinTin" won at the Globes while "Rango" got an Oscars and both films are from Paramount Pictures. After that Both the Golen Globes and Oscars awarded to the same Animated Films. Ratatouille, WALL-E, UP, Toy Story 3, Brave, Frozen both are Golden Globes and Oscars winners. I guess this will continue this trend of awarding a different Animated film from the Globes and Oscars.

  • In Recent Years, They've Made Better Choices

    While yes, in it's history, the Golden Globes have made such god-awful decisions as Pia Zadora, in recent years, the Globes have continuously been awarding superior movies and performances. Consider Anne Hathaway's win for Les Miserables, in which she practically self-mutilated herself to the point of an Oscar win. The Oscars don't reward perfectly controlled performances anymore. Winning an Oscar for acting means you've likely done something that shouts "look at me!" rather than demonstrating your skills (i.E.: Jared Leto - Dallas Buyers Club). The Golden Globes actually bother to at least give recognition to great performances that didn't require live hair-cutting or shrieking for effect.

    As for the movies themselves, last year the Globes recognized films like "Inside Llewelyn Davis" and "All is Lost", films which were snubbed by the Academy. Best of all, they don't feel as obligated to give awards to people who simply haven't received one yet. The Oscars historically gloss over great films in order to honor someone they snubbed in the past for a piece which was actually great. A wonderful example is their awarding "How Green is My Valley" with several oscars including Best Picture. This move was merely their belated pat on John Ford's back, when in fact, Orson Welles' masterpiece "Citizen Kane" was released the same year. While the Golden Globes were only established a year later, they rarely give "make up" awards.

    Looking through the scope of history, it's obvious that recieving an award doesn't cement your place in it (hey, who remembers "Cimarron", anyone?) However, most consider the Oscars to be more important, but in recent years, the Golden Globes have been routinely making better decisions. While the Oscars are associated with prestige, we as critical viewers need to look past the fact that this prestige is just gold-plated pretense. But in times like these, we need to turn our focus away from these petty arguments, and turn our attention to the giant popularity contest that is the Grammys.

  • In a way.

    The Golden Globes tend to hold a bit more prestige in the public eye than the Oscars do. They are similar, as both are related based on public perception and choice. The person below me is wrong, however, it is no based on a public vote. There is a group of specific people in the industry who make the decisions.

  • EGOT: The Important Awards

    Important entertainment awards: Emmys, Grammys, Oscars, and Tonys. Emmys-Award important television shows are awarded. Grammys-Awards the best music in each genre over the past year. Oscars-Award the best movies, actors, and actresses and are generally based on all-time achievement under the guise of one movie or work. Tonys-Award the best of theatre.

  • No they are not

    The Oscars have and always will be more significant than the Golden Globes because they feature a far more prominent part of the entertainment industry, which of course is film. That is the one reason alone the Oscars will always be more significant and always occupy a more important part.

  • No way.

    1. Pia Zadora in "Butterfly" won a GG for that god awful movie and she gave a god awful performance.(1981)
    2. The Oscars command and demand high acclaim.
    3. No one remembers a Golden Globe winner BUT everyone who has won (or been nominated) for an Oscar has that distinction noted when that person is being written about in the media. The Oscars forever.

  • No, not as far as award shows go

    How many times have you heard an actor being touted as "Golden Globe winning?" Not very often (sometimes, yes, but not very often). How about "Oscar winning?" Yep, that's the one. You also never hear young actors hoping to win a Golden Globe in the future, but everyone says they want to win an Oscar. That alone means that the Oscars are more significant than the Golden Globes.

  • No, no awards show is more significant than the other

    Awards are awesome and signify the acknowledgment of a great piece of work or the accomplishment of a great task. However, awards are usually based on opinions and therefore are pretty subjective. So to say the Golden Globes are more significant than the Oscars is just another opinion on a subject that exist only because of opinion. So no, the Golden Globes are not more significant than the Oscars.

  • The Golden Globes are an "also ran"

    I don't believe there can be any serious dispute as to which award is more prestigious. By way of an analogy, if we were speaking of athletics, the Oscars would be the Olympics, while the Golden Globes would be the Pan-Am Games. That said, a Golden Globe is a solid entry-level award for an actor.

  • Basically oscars are oscars

    I think both awards are very prestigious and the person who wins either is a very fine actor/actress but all said and done the oscars outweigh the golden globes. We judge movies by oscar nominations and wins not by golden globe nominations or wins.
    Also the oscar ceremony is much more grand.

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