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  • yes they are

    The Golden State Warriors aren't just in good shape, they are in great shape. This is a tremendous team with tremendous talent. Even when someone gets hurt or sits out, the team is still solid. A team with Green, Curry, and Thompson will always be in good shape. It's a long season.

  • Injured will be back

    Every team faces injuries and of course it's a big loss to lose someone like Steph Curry and others but they will be back. This team has the depth to continue to win even if key players get hurt. It's not like the Knicks losing Carmelo Anthony and nobody close on the bench.

  • Yes the Golden State Warriors are in good shape!

    The Golden State Warriors are in great shape for the season. How many other teams can boast a 24-0 opening record? As long as the players stay healthy and injury free, and keep playing solid basketball, the season is theirs! They are in great shape to lead the league in wins.

  • Golden State Warriors still golden

    Even with a loss last night, the Golden State Warriors are still the top team in the league. It is okay for them to lose a game every now and then, and I would prefer them to lose now rather than have a perfect season and then lose in the first round of the playoffs. Not every player on their team can have a great performance every night, so yes they are still in good shape.

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