• The Warriors are on a streak

    The Warriors are on a streak. And that streak can continue with hard work and dedication. The worst the team could do is rest on their laurels. The coaches need to motivate the team continuously and the players have to look inside themselves. The team also needs to stay in top shape!

  • Yes, the Golden State Warriors are on a winning streak.

    Well, since a winning streak is just consecutive wins, of course they are on a winning streak. Just the two wins in this series against the New Orleans Pelicans, to open the series, count as a "winning streak". The bigger question is whether they can keep the winning streak going and win the series.

  • Let the Golden State Warriors Streak Continue

    The Golden State Warriors have won the first two games of their series. Their success is based on the fact that they have good team defense and they are shooting the ball well. They will continue to dominate the New Orleans Pelicans in game three of the series on Thursday.

  • Have been all year

    The Golden State Warriors have essentially been on a winning streak all year long it seems like. I don't really think they have lost multiple games hardly at all this year and that is sort of evident with something like only 15 losses on the year. Its awesome to see such a well assembled selfless team.

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