Are the Governments of the world a threat to the freedom of the Internet?

Asked by: Zylorarchy
  • Governments of the world are a threat to all freedoms

    The Government loves to silence people who say things that are against their MO. On the other hand, they love to hoist the people who, maybe are still against what they are doing, but are saying things that comply with their "official" stance or the "Official story". Red herrings are pretty effective tools.

    The internet is the only real place where people can spout off like I am doing now and get a lot of people to listen. Therefore, it is a dangerous thing to them. So they will try to regulate it, and bend it around what they think it should look like. It's bound to happen eventually, and it will be nigh on impossible to prevent.

  • SOPA/PIPA, ACTA, ITU 'regulation', UK porn ban and now Notice and Staydown

    Need I say more? These proposed laws, be it proposed by the US, UK or UN do indeed cause significant threats to the freedom of the Internet. When SOPA was originally suggested, it was compared to the likes of internet controls that Iran and China currently use over the internet. And that fact shows that already, some governments actively are threatening internet freedom for the Chinese and Iranian population(s). SOPA would have forced ISP's and Search Engines to have taken extreme measures which would have punished the innocent as well as the guilty.

    ACTA and Notice and Staydown are effectively re-brands for SOPA. And as for banning porn in the UK. This is an extreme act that punishes the majority for the actions of the minority and makes as much sense as banning violent video games.

  • They are the only Threat

    They are the only threat to peoples freedoms on the internet and in real life as they are the only ones who can take away freedoms. The government is the one with the power. That is true in all nations as the government decides most everything, even in a democracy. Therefore they are the only one who can control the internet as the people don't have very much control over this besides if they can choosing the people who do decide.

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