• Too politically charged up

    I am boycotting all awards show due to actors & musicians turning way too political. Music & movies are a great escape from a volatile world we live in. Daily bombardment about inept Congress filled with crybabies fighting for their own agendas with zero regard to the best solutions for American taxpayers supporting all those sorry asses. Wake up America, we the people demand more from those in power to decide our fate. You musicians & actors do your job & create an artistic relief from troubled times. Stop politicking, & entertain us to help us escape from the reality we are stuck in.

  • Yes they are overrated.

    They are just a whole bag of s**t.Legends like queen,led zeppelin, the who never won a Grammy whereas all f*****g musicians of this generation are winning grammys for nothing.I think we should better do away with the awards system. Ultimately, an award is an award.Its not god's gift to man.

  • Yes, they are severely overrated.

    The Grammys are entertaining and, yes, it is nice to see some of your favorite celebs recognized.... But next year, this year's winners won't matter or even be remembered. They prove nothing and matter nothing in the scheme of life. It is just one more opportunity for some stars to gain more fame or for others to continue to be forgotten.

  • They Are Overrated

    The Grammys are very much overrated. I really do not see why people speak so highly about them. You can look at the categories and pick the majority of the winners before the show. The performances are not that good anymore either. There are other award shows out there that are better.

  • Yes

    It seems the choices for Grammy awards are very arbitrary. If anything the whole concept is flawed because we all have our own opinions of media. If the Grammys were to be more accurate, they should reflect the popular opinion of those who listen to the music on a regular basis.

  • No I don't believe that the Grammy awards are overrated.

    Making music is difficult, especially good music, the kind that millions of people will want to hear. It is an achievement worth recognizing and of course profiting from by ads (see my sarcasm there?) I think the awards properly recognize those who accomplished something incredible such as gaining the love of millions of fans.

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