• Macklemore won 4 Grammys in 2014

    Macklemore beat Ed Sheeran and Kendrick for best new artist in 2014 as well as winning the best rap album ahead of Kendrick. Last year Taylor Swift beat out Kendrick for best album and Chance probably won't even win best new artist this year because with hip-hop in particular the Grammys are way out of touch

  • The Grammys are out of touch

    The Grammys award the awards to essentially the most popular. Album of the Year to 1989 by Taylor Swift? To Pimp a Butterfly by Kendrick Lamar was a LOT better. Uptown Funk for Record of the Year? Please. Hey Grammys, you're supposed to award the artists with the pure artistry, not popularity!

  • The Grammys Are Out Of Touch

    Yes, the Grammys are out of touch. It seems as though the winners of Grammys are the artists that are the most popular, not necessarily the most talented. I think that the most talented musicians out there today are the ones that are the least recognizable - mostly indie groups and solo artists.

  • Yes, The Grammy Awards Are Out Of Touch

    The Grammy Awards are a function of the musical establishment. It is more of a popularity contest than a true gauge on how culture and the music industry changes. For example, Jethro Tull once won an award for "Best Metal Performance" in 1988. Sure, the example is dated, but the point is that those award shows have always been out of touch.

    Posted by: rpr
  • No They Are Not

    The Grammys are not out of touch. They are actually about as far from out of touch as you can be. The awards are given every year, so that forces The Grammys to keep up with new material that artists across all genres release. They are not out of touch at all.

  • No, the Grammys are not out of touch.

    I heard last night on an entertainment television show that participants received wardrobe advisories, giving directions as to how to dress. Specifically, female participants were asked not to reveal breasts and buttocks.

    Personally, I love the Grammys. I am a long-time music lover and I've watched the show for years. But lately I wonder where taste has gone. I don't want to see thongs, underwear, pasties, and nude body suits. I want to hear the music.

    Artists need to be clear that young people emulate them. I am a former English teacher and I watched young girls every day copying their favorite artist, usually in their clothing. Tight tops, short skirts, low-cut sweaters are not appropriate on 12-year-old girls, yet this is what they see in their "heroes."

    So, the Grammys are not out of touch, at least not in this dress guidelines issue. Rather, they are very much attempting to exercise responsibility and I applaud them.

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