• Sims 3 is a better game but Sims 4 looks better.

    There's no doubt that the sims 3 is a better game. But you can't deny that the Sims 4 looks so much better than the sims 3, it also runs better, has better Build and Buy and arguably better CAS. The Sims 4's sims look amazing and the entire game runs smoothly but that doesn't mean its the better game it still misses out so much.

  • So much better

    The graphics of sims 4 are so much better, infact that is the reason i dont play the sims 3 because i cant stand the terrible graphics and all the people always look the same, ugly. The people have huge heads and the graphics is what ruins the sims 3.

  • Sims 4 graphics are more impressive than sims 3

    Played sims 3 in the past. Have been playing sims 4 for much much long time. The graphics never did seem to be of inferior quality as compared to its predecessor; in fact they were more lively when combined with smooth animation & acceptable loading times. Yeah! It does have a different art style but is in no way inferior in graphics to its predecessor.
    Hope this helps... :)

  • This is ridiculous!

    I agree with everyone else on here about the graphics! I like them too! To everyone who absolutely HATES the new graphics, just stop complaining about them! If you DO NOT like the new game, then just DON'T buy it! I cannot stress how annoying it is to hear people complaining over something as stupid as this! IF YOU ALREADY KNEW ABOUT THE GRAPHICS, WHY DID YOU BUY THE GAME?! I would hope that most Sims fans would AT LEAST watching the freaking trailer for ONCE! Or maybe even a play through or a FREAKING REVIEW!! Guys, seriously, you wouldn't be so disappointed in the game if you had just WATCHED a review or even trailer!

  • Yes it is!

    Personally, I love how the sims 4 gives the characters distinct, clear faces, unlike the sims 3. However, I think it's ridiculous how people judge the game by the way characters are designed, not the graphics. People, stop whining about the tiny details and focus more on the actual gameplay!

  • The graphics are better

    The sims 4 has a different art style that is why it may seem that the sims 3 has better graphics but the sims 4 is far superior, the sims move much more natural in the sims 4 the hair and skin has got nothing to do with the graphics that is the art style.

  • The graphics are definitely an improvement, but it should be the gameplay that matters.

    The graphics seem a little more cartoony, but they said that it would make the loading time faster and the frame rate higher. I really do like the graphics, though. It is cartoony, but some people may like it or not. Having played all of the Sims, I do come across many problems with loading and freezing. It makes enjoying the game much harder. To me, EA hit a home run with this one ( or at least it appears that way ). They seemed to finally accept that even though Sims is a life simulation game, it is NOT real life.

  • Yes the graphics are better

    Yes the graphics of Sims 4 are clearly better than Sims 3. It would be hard to argue otherwise as everything has been updated. The graphics may be better but the load time is longer and the playing is not necessarily all that better. Better graphics alone don't make a game.

  • The Sims is always improving.

    If you look at the SIms 4 compared to the Sims 3, you can see how better improved the graphics are. The Sims is constantly improving and each game version will be upgraded from the last. It is shocking how far along and how much progress the sims has made over the years.

  • The graphics of Sims 4 are better than Sims 3

    Although the game is not complete yet, there is enough evidence to support that the graphics of Sims 4 are better than that of Sims 3. There have been character creation videos, and the graphics are clearly superior in these videos. Also, the graphics will be improved, as they were before in past sequels.

  • Objectively speaking NO

    Whether you TS3 or TS4's art style is subjective. Graphics, For the most part, Are not.

    The only thing TS4 does better than TS3 when it comes to graphics is shadows and lighting. Meshes have a higher poly count in TS3, Animations are more complex and have more (animations in TS4 skip key frames like crazy, Like the animation of a parent playing with a toddler), TS3's texture are generally larger and they have a higher frequency, Shaders are superior in TS3 as well (just compare fire and lake water in both games).

    These are FACTS. You can extract each game's assets and test it yourself. When talking about graphics, There's no question 2009 TS3 is superior to 2014 TS4. Crazy but factual.

  • Very disappointing graphics

    I'm a long time player of Sims 2 and 3. I Kept hearing how great 4 was so made the leap. So sorry I did. I really hate the simplified graphics with no patterns choices and VERY limited color selections for clothing, etc. I also find camera control clunky. Wasted money!

  • Sims three is better!!!!!

    Many people say that oh look new version of sims came out so it has to be better and it will be so fun to play with. But in reality sims 4 just came out messed up don't waste your money on the sims 4 is not worth it if you really want sims i would recommend sims 3. The graphics are way better and there are better features too and good options in expansion packs as well. SO MORAL OF WATEREVER I WROTE UP THERE DONT WASTE UR MONEY ON SIMS 4 BYE SIMS 3.
    Okay (i know a lot of stuff that is capitalized seems fake but trust me okay)

  • No good for a game of 2014.

    Terrible graphics for a game of 2016. They should be adding more expansion packs who improve gameplay at least. They are selling stuff packs with no actual gameplay. I just hate that the franchise is going to end with this generation. I do not want to buy any more games from them.

  • Sims 4 is dumbdified

    I was expecting this huge difference and all I found is that it got boring really quickly. The best part is the expansion for careers. The science and medical career are fun. The detective career is buggy. The graphics are not such that the game is better than 3. I'm reloading Sims 3.

  • Well, the graphics themselves are better, but

    That doesn’t necessarily mean that the Sims look better in The Sims 4. Yes, everything is maybe more sharp, but the style of the Sims and the world changed and doesn’t look as realistic as it does in The Sims 3; there is much less detail in many aspects. I shall continue with playing The Sims 3 and wait to see what The Sims 5 (2020?) will have to offer.

  • Looks Cartoons and more

    The hair is fake, and... Well the body is made of plastic. I bet some people think TS4 has better graphics than TS3, because of the emotions, well guess what? The Sims 3 ALSO HAS AN EMOTIONAL FACE!
    Of course, TS4 has a better face, but what about the houses and neighborhoods? If you google "The sims 4 is worse than the sims 3" and click "compares the graphics(...)" you'll understand what I'm saying.

  • Everything looks so fake

    I loved the graphics of the Sims 3. The looked so realistic and beutiful. They still look beautiful in the Sims 4 but sims look like dolls in doll houses and everything is so fake and cartoonish. Definetly not what I expected from the Sims 4 and I can't just ignore it because there are so many things missing from this game. If they looked more realistic everything would be much better.

  • Sims3 is better than Sims4

    I have both. I remember being really excited at the prospect of the Sims 4. Well ..... After trying to enjoy Sims 4 I gave up. I went back to playing Sims 3. Sims 4 is clunky, clumsy, and unappealing. How could they stuff up something as simple as the camera controls, regardless of the goofey graphics. Very disappointing EA.

  • The sims 4: Not as good as the sims 3

    I only own the sims 3 and sims 4 but I have seen gameplay of the sims 2 and to me it feels that the 2 and 3 are quite alike. The sims 4 feels like a hole new game. Like it is not a sims game. This is just my opinion.

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