• I think They Will

    I think the Green Bay Packers will make it to the Super Bowl this year. Their team is making great strides to work together and they often do that perfectly. I think the offensive line is tight and they certainly have the ability to drive the ball. The defense is questionable at times but they are better than a lot of other teams.

  • There is always a chance.

    After all Green Bay is a Super Bowel champ in the past and they do seem to have a good record this year. However, it isn't over till its over. Only two team in the NFL make it to the Super Bowel and in order to get there you have got to win the your division. Green Bay could do this but they will have to earn that spot first.

  • Go Green Bay

    I love watching Green Bay play in the snow. I am not technically a Packers fan, but love the colors of the uniforms. My hubby is the football guru. I just catch pieces of the games while passing through the den. I do enjoy a good game, and Green Bay tends to give that.

  • Yes they will

    The Green Bay Packers are doing great this year. Also, they want to go to the Super Bowl so bad that they will work very hard to get there. They have the players and the talent to ensure their place at the Super Bowl. Anything is possible but odds are that they will be there.

  • The packers suck.

    Im just laying out the fact the packers have had many better seasons. Rodger just isn't getting it done, they need a new QB. The packer need a better carriers. For the frist time the Seahawks are not doing good. The cowboys are doing ok. Another thing before people say im just being dumb I AM A OLD PACKER FAN

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