Are the Green Bay Packers the best sports franchise

Asked by: packerfan87
  • Look At History

    When you look at history, almost no one has a better franchise than the Packers. They won 2/3 of the first 3 super bowls. The Superbowl trophy is named after one of their former coaches. They have had many players inducted into the hall of fame. And they have had countless greats. People such as Brett Farve, Sterling Sharpe, Ahman Green and Gilbert Brown just start the list. They also have many current players that will go into the hall of fame. Players such as Clay Matthews and Aaron Rodgers. That is why they are the best sports franchise in the nation.

  • The Packers are #7 at best.

    Carter222 is a bit of a wack job as the Buccaneers are clearly the best sports franchise. The Bucs have never lost a Super Bowl and have many more hall of famers on their current roster than the Packers have had in their teams entire history. Lavonte David, Kwon Alexander, Jameis Winston, Mike Evans, Doug Martin, Gerald McCoy, and Ronde Barber are all first ballot hall of famers. The Packers can't even beat the Cardinals in the wild card playoff round.

  • Packers are #7 at best

    The Green Bay Packers lost Super Bowl XXXII to the Denver Broncos 31-24. Meanwhile, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are by far the greatest franchise in sports as they have never lost a Super Bowl. Clay Matthews is garbage compared to Lavonte David and Jameis Winston is atleast 7 times better than Aaron Rodgers. If the Bucs had been formed sooner, the trophy would have been called the Jon Gruden Championship Trophy. Cheese Heads have nothing on the Bucs.

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