• Yes they are

    I think that something is justified if a person has a right to do it. The people who are currently being detained in this facility have every right to continue and go through with the hunger strikes that they started in recent weeks. If that is what they want to do.

  • It is better to die than live in such conditions.

    These people are locked up in a pen with no hope of seeing a trial any time soon, and they've been tortured who knows how many times. It's better to kill yourself than live in a situation like that. I fully believe that their actions are absolutely justified, and I applaud the courage and discipline that it must take to do so.

  • Yes, Guantanamo hunger strikes are justified.

    No man should be tortured as these prisoners are. It is horrible. Many of these men are innocent, or have not received a proper trial. Everyone has rights, and it seems the prisoners have been deprived of those rights. It is time to transfer these prisoners, or release those whom have not had crimes proven.

  • Yes, the hunger strikes are justified.

    There are over 100 men in Guantanamo prison that are supposed to be released and yet continue to be detained when they should be freed. They have been shown not to be terrorists or a threat to the US. Many have been treated horribly and detained unjustly. They should be freed and Guantanamo should be closed.

  • Prisoners in Guantanamo are being treated humanely therefore hunger strikes are unjustified.

    The prisoners in Guantanamo are fundamentalists. They believe that just because guards inspect their copy of the Koran that they will go on a hunger strike to protest common rules and regulations that any prison anywhere in the world would be justified in performing to protect not only the guards but also the prisons among themselves. Many contraband can be hidden in books which is why the rule to inspect them are enforced. The hunger strikes are not justified. They should eat their pork chops and shut up.

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katrilenyah says2013-05-22T13:48:25.950
Yes, and the steps that the people working there are takeing are wrong and cruel and they themselves should be sentenced for cruelty.