Are the Hunger Games (books & movies) extremely overrated?

Asked by: Williwenba
  • Seriously, society? You like this?

    The Hunger Games can be summed up in three words: violence, death, and politics. That's all there is to the books and the movies. I simply don't understand how anyone could find it interesting. We have enough of all of that stuff in the real world to have to worry about all of it in a book. Yet again, I have been let down by society.

  • It's very cliche. The whole plot is so overrated.

    The Hunger Games book and movie is very overrated. I remember when the first book came, movie every girl was obsseding over it. It was so over hyped and I read the first paragraph of the first book and thought this book sucks, seems very boring. I watched the movie series abd think the same thing as the book. It's a so cliche that the protagonist is only worried about two guys the whole time. Also the movie doesn't make any sense, no matter how many times I watched it, it doesnt interest me at all. If you really pay attention to the movie you will notice how cliche it is. It's a unoriginal story that can be seen as other cliche dystopian books like Matched series, Twilight, The Uglies and The Vampire Diaries. These book, movie series are damaging alot of girls believing in toxic relationships based on what they have watched and read in these bad books that should be banned. The morals in these books are disgusting. They teach young girls to be obssed over guys no matter how bad they treat them. If you want to watch or read the book I recommend no to because you will be wasting your precious time. Watch or read something that is more realistic and not cliche.

  • White girl's BATTLE ROYALE

    Geez, white people always ripping off japanese media. Hunger games is a perfect example of how unoriginal America is today when it comes to writing a story. Typical white girls always whine about hunger games, but little did they know that hg is just a whitewashed version of the japanese original masterpiece. Hunger games is battle royale mixed with twilight and other stuff of corny YA bullshit. Bland and copycat storyline. Why does hunger games even exist? I guess that hunger games only existed because of white people. Hunger games is a toned down version of BATTLE Royale which it focuses on cheesy typical white people romance instead of the deathmatch. Battle Royale burns the whole hunger crap to black ash. Some people even considered Battle Royale a ripoff of that YA crap, jeez , these white people nowadays. I bet that Cuntniss couldn't even survive a single minute in BATTLE ROYALE . Battle Royale is God, pure cinema gold. The writer of BATTLE ROYALE admitted that he was inspired by Stephen King books such as the running man and the long walk, while the writer of that white crap admitted that she has never heard of BATTLE ROYALE, which is BS, pure BS.

  • Whitewash version of BATTLE ROYALE

    Geez, white people always ripping off japanese media. Hunger games is a perfect example of how unoriginal America is when it comes to media entertainment. Battle Royale burns the whole so called hunger games to black ash. Annoying teenage white girls always love this kind of crap. Hunger games is all nothing but pure trash. Battle Royale is the one that started the whole teenage deathmatch. Hunger games is popular because it is created by white people. BATTLE ROYALE is god.

  • Bland Main Character

    In my opinion one thing people don't seem to notice is how bland Katniss is. Other than being a strong female lead, which I have nothing against, she is rather unoriginal. She is clearly meant to be somewhat of a self-insert for the reader. Her morals are normal, and her personality is a standard rebellious, independent person. It may be a matter of taste, but I prefer a lead that is unusual and original.

  • This> is> crap

    The only reason I can't completely bash it is for the loyalty to Alexander Ludwig, the only some-what realistic character in the whole stupid thing.
    What's sucks most about it is hardly anyone can write a novel without people comparing to THG. EVERYTHING in the sci-fi genre is compared to it. The worst part is THG is already an unoriginal, probably written, over the top and ridiculously cheesy book with nothing realistic driving it, anyways. Nothing really makes sense. Cato or Thresh most likely would've won. Get over it.

  • Can't compare to classics

    I've heard people call this the next harry potter. I absolutely do not agree with this. While it's certainly enjoyable, I could find many plot holes in it. First of all it's a rip off of battle royale. I feel that most of the action was just there to keep it going and it didn't really have a purpose. Hunger Games certainly good. But not great.

  • It is decidedly so.

    The Hunger Games are literally the most nonsensical series of books of all time. You can tell this society has all sorts of major technological innovations, but instead of FEEDING THEIR STARVING CITIZENS, they force them into an arena and broadcast it on free cable. Genius. Harry Potter for the win!

  • It's a Battle Royal Rip off

    Of course it is. The Hunger Game does to Battle Royal what Twilight does to Vampires. People want mindless violence not a nonsensical political system with a crappy faux love story with a little bit of killing on top. I mean if it's so obvious everyone hates the games why is everyone going along with it???

  • There's no value to it:

    It is receiving a lot of praise for the themes contained within but it is a rather poorly told story based less around the themes of concepts like humanity and more relative to keeping a reader engrossed with an active conflict that encompasses the world of Katpiss. It's actually less of a dystopian overview and more of some ridiculous "coming of age" story combined with a cheesy freedom fighter concept if freedom fighters were angsty (and poorly educated) teenagers.

  • They are a compelling way to convey the need for sustainability to children and teens

    The world experiences the rise of the gilded class every century or so. As it is now, it was also in the 1920s, leading into the Great Depression.

    We have an even greater wealth disparity today, and that will culminate in social revolution within the century. We will likely see famine, and starvation as populations hit a critical density toward the end of the 21st century.

    The Hunger Games is a vision of the future from that perspective.

    It champions a message that elitism and dehumanization of the poor creates an exploitative society and a classist culture.

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