• Of COURSE. Duhh

    Of course, everyone has their opinion. My opinion happens to be that they are hot. All of them are equally hot and have their own qualities. James is just sooo sweet. Luke is adorable, and Jai is just a crazy kind of cute. Don't get me started on Baniel, because Baniel forever, duh.

  • Oh hell yes!

    My favorite is Luke <3 I really like his lip ring. I'm just not sure about the nose ring though. I was so happy that they came to Cali. They should come more often and do meet n' greets. Oh goodness, I cannot express enough my love for these boys. Sure they are irresponsible, but their humor and love for life is what makes them so charming.

  • They are not.

    The Janoskians are not hot. Someone being hot or not is entirely subjective and will not be the same for every person. While there are "standards" for what is hot, I believe that the Janoskians are a little bit awkward looking and would not classify them as hot or sexy.

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