Are the Kane Chronicles better than Percy Jackson?

Asked by: AliceLafaye
  • Egypt 4 life.

    Don't get me wrong, I absolutely LOVE The Percy Jackson series. The characters were hilarious and unique, the plot was diverse and creative, and I overall enjoyed reading every page of it! The Kane Chronicles though, I could really relate too. I've always had a deep appreciation for Egyptian culture and life, and this series personified that passion. Sadie and Carter had a unique bond that I could easily connect with, and I loved every twist and turn of the story. I do find Greek mythology interesting, but Egypt catches my eye and interest more. This is why I absolutely loved seeing another series come out that had Egyptian mythology intertwined in the plot. (Reawakened by Colleen Houck). Overall, The Kane Chronicles won my heart over.

  • Percy jackson is better and if not they are the same.

    Because the Percy Jackson first is easier to understand the book and it is better because the Kane chronicles where basically based of of Percy Jackson and I can prove it in both series the main male protagonist starts to develop feelings for a girl character who hated them at first and when they were about to become bf and gf they girl was taken by a god. Both has a protector that mostly stays behind and helps sometimes in life saving was and both protectors warded of a army the protectors for both series where best friends with one of the Main protagonists.I hope the proves my point but just to be sure in both the series the Main protagonists form a team to defeat a bigger evil force.

  • Both were triumphs as a book series but Percy Jackson wins.

    Personally I find that the Percy Jackson series had better characters, possibly by virtue of having more characters. The plots in P.J. And K.C. Were similar but K.C.'s plot was a little more contrived to me. When Rick Riordan wrote his first series he was writing it for himself, his son, but most importantly for an ~unknown~ audience. When he wrote K.C. Riordan had a formula to success and an audience to play to, which led to much of K.C. Being very similar tone-, plot-, and character-wise to P.J. P.J. Was the trailblazer of the two and to me was far more relatable. Percy Jackson Wins. (Although K.C. Is light years between than his horrid series with Jason Grace in it IMO)

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  • Jackson 4 the win

    Firstly, Percy Jackson books are more deep and have more villains which makes the plot more interesting compared to the Kane Chronicles which has only to villains, Set and Apophis.
    Then, Percy Jackson has much more better fighting skills compared to Carter Kane, who is the lead protagonist. Percy has the power to control water, while Carter seems like a dependant person whenever I read the books.

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