• Yes, Chiefs are contenders

    Yes, the Kansas City Chiefs are serious contenders for the Super Bowl. Any team that makes the playoffs are serious contenders. And after handily beating last year's Super Bowl winners the Denver Broncos, it seals the deal as to whether or not they can compete for the Super Bowl. Their offense and defense are running on all cylinders and they are ready to compete.

  • Yes, I think so.

    So, sure. Why not the Chiefs? Their manic, 30-27 overtime victory in Denver on Sunday night proved neither their dominance nor their perfection. It instead indicated they belong in a jumble of quite good, blemished teams that have a chance to make the Super Bowl.

    The Chiefs provide plenty to believe in, starting with the double-take fact they have won 19 of their last 23 games. Kansas City receives little acclaim and doesn’t really have a national identity. It just wins, often in head-scratching fashion, like on Sunday night.

  • They need to put in the work

    There a lot of good teams in the running this year, but I have no doubt that Kansas City Chiefs can win the Superbowl if they put in the time and dedication. It isn't going to be easy, and there will definitely be a bit of luck involved, but there is definitely a chance for them to win.

  • Yes the Kansas City Chiefs should be considered contenders for the Superbowl.

    The Kansas City Chiefs are 11-4 the best record of all the wild card teams and better than the records of two of the division champions. They have proven that they know how to win the tough games. They have talented players and excellent coaching. Come playoff time they will be in the hunt for the Super Bowl.

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