• No Government No Civilization

    Feudalism does not lead to prosperity or freedom. Koch brothers are demonizing the government. I am personally getting death threats from Tea Party members who are my coworkers working for the federal government. Their ideology is absolutely evil. The best countries to live in collect the most taxes ... Sweden, Denmark, Norway. If you hate government so much there are places without it, please feel free to move to Somalia or Afghanistan for few days. I am sure you will be back in few days if you survive.

  • Insatiable Greed for Wealth and Power

    While the term evil is somewhat nebulous, the fact remains that the Koch brothers spend a large amount of their time, effort, and money manipulating the political system, as well as citizens, to increase their personal wealth and influence. These are the type of people who would put lead paint in your children's toys in order to save a few pennies. They are the type that will lobby to cut regulations on dangerous chemicals, then say, "We had no way of knowing this would happen," when they dump thousands of gallons of those chemicals into public waterways.

    The Koch brothers could care less if you or a loved one gets cancer from their pollution. They put money on a pedestal above all. They are some of the richest individuals on the planet, yet they continue to ramp up their pro-pollution, pro-deregulation, and pro-corruption propaganda, all in the name of "freedom." It is a sick and twisted logic that allows these cretins to wake up and look at themselves in the mirror without even a twinge of disgust. Most Koch supporters cry capitalism and free market, but fail to realize the Koch's manipulation of government and citizenry is the antithesis of the free market.

    So, are the Koch brothers evil? I'm not sure, but they sure are a dangerous threat to the existence of a stable and healthy society.

  • While not necessarily "evil"...

    They did urge the government shutdown. They say that people with pre-existing conditions don't need health insurance cause they don't get better anyway. They want to privatize everything, including the education system. They are trying to force the Keystone XL pipeline which will give them billions of dollars, only create jobs for a short while, and then cause irreversible environmental damage, while pumping a substance that is nearly unusable, through a system that is already springing leaks all over the place. They gave Karl Rove millions of dollars to "plant" a president, which thankfully failed.

    So maybe they aren't evil. They are just greedy, immoral S.O.B.S who care nothing but the massive amounts of money and power given to them (or they take), and are willing to let the world fall apart. Well, maybe they aren't willing to let it completely fall apart. I'm sure they'd be completely happy if we all bowed down to them, working as mindless drones for no pay, while trying to scrounge up just enough cash to buy their products.

  • Yes they are evil

    To me, there is nothing even remotely good about the Koch brothers. With the amount of money they spend on politics, just to make sure employers do not have to treat their employees with dignity. They could care less about their environment, and they are some of the biggest contributors to pollution on the planet.

  • Evil, Seditious and Devoid of Human Compassion

    The Kochs are the worst of the worst. They fancy themselves self-made men but were born into wealth. They sell their tea party rhetoric and politics as being a grass roots movement, but it's funded almost entirely by elite money. They claim to hate government, but they only hate government they can't buy. Shameless, hateful bigots born to shameless, hateful bigots. Their legacy traces back to The John Birch Society. A heritage of pollution and greed. Evil, dangerous men with an agenda to destabilize the United States for political and monetary gain.

  • Evil of course

    Born into more money than 400 average people will make in their lifetime and all they want is to make even more at expense of everyone else. Born into money and a libertarian how cute. I have no idea what they want more wealth for when they could already buy a country.

  • Greed is one of the seven deadly sins

    And I can't think of anything greedier than spending all of your time and efforts to get tax breaks at the expense of the social welfare of millions of people less fortunate than yourself. What I don't understand is, at the level of money they have, you can't even spend it all. What's the point?

  • Are the Koch brothers evil?

    Yes. Remember the movie, Chinatown, and the conversation between Noah Cross and Jake Gittes:

    Jake Gittes: How much are you worth?

    Noah Cross: I have no idea. How much do you want?

    Jake Gittes: I just wanna know what you're worth. More than 10 million?

    Noah Cross: Oh my, yes!

    Jake Gittes: Why are you doing it? How much better can you eat? What could you buy that you can't already afford?

    Noah Cross: The future, Mr. Gittes! The future. Now, where's the girl? I want the only daughter I've got left. As you found out, Evelyn was lost to me a long time ago.

    Jake Gittes: Who do you blame for that? Her?

    Noah Cross: I don't blame myself. You see, Mr. Gittes, most people never have to face the fact that at the right time and the right place, they're capable of ANYTHING.

    The Koch brothers bear a remarkable resemblance to Noah Cross. It's the power, for them. The Republicans don't care about everyday people. They do care about money and power.

  • The Koch Brothers are Evil.

    They fund the Tea Party and the plotted the Shutdown of the US govenment. Pretty much behind all of the evil and nefarious plots in America.
    They are apart of the disinformation complain to dumb down Americans with their 1% agenda. Every move they do lacks any empathy for their fellow man and contributes to the suffering and killing of the planet.

  • The past history of the Koch Family.

    Exploitation and Capitalism has added up to Brothers whose lust of Wealth and Power will destroy the middle class fo America. A countries middle class is the benchmark for how successful it is. They Kochs have made sure the Middle Class shrank due to their political contributions and ideology. They were happy to be behind the ruling that made Bribery legal in America. They have brought much shame to America by buying up so many politicians.

  • Most People Just Don't Understand Economics

    Nearly all of the hate against the Koch brothers comes from people with a lack of understanding about the nature of money, economics, and the way markets function. Or they stem from misguided cultural beliefs that "money is evil", "rich people make their money at the expense of the poor", etc. Or people hate them because they fund conservative and libertarian causes, or because they lobby against climate-related regulation.

    If you take time to educate yourself about economics, you'll learn things like

    1) money residing in a portfolio or corporate holdings is actually still in circulation, so statements like "they want all that greedy evil money for themselves" are just wildly ignorant.
    2) that government has no magic power to make things happen more cheaply than it can happen naturally in a free market, there's still a cost that gets taken through taxation and the added expense of bureaucracy, so it costs the public MORE any time government "helps" through it's programs

    There is a lot of foundational knowledge that it takes to understand libertarianism and why it is the correct answer for a better society. Unfortunately we live in a reality-tv culture that doesn't take the time to really study these issues. So when some "evil billionaire" lobbies against misguided political initiatives, they are labeled as evil bastards.

  • It is hyperbole

    Disagreeing with someone politically, does not make them evil. The Koch bros are politically active, but so are lot's of people. They appear to support individual freedom, which is the opposite of evil.
    A word like "evil" should be preserved for people who truly deserve it, such as Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Hugo Chavez, Pinochet, Kim Jong Il, Saddam Hussein, Stalin, Mao, Pol Pot, Lenin, Hitler, etc.

  • The Koch brothers are not evil.

    I know very many people who work for the Kochs and have even met the Kochs themselves. Everyone just sees the bad in them. They're just hard working capitalists. They actually donate a substantial amount of money to local charities and fund many nonprofit events. They act like perfectly normal business people.

  • No, because evil doesn't exist.

    What these two men are is very simple - they are industrialists and capitalists. That is not 'evil' since the concept is silly to begin with and really only pertains to a person's own religious views. The only thing that makes these two men different from any other large business owner is that they have been active, outspoken and very visible in the public and political spectrums. As with any business owner, large or small, they are looking out for their own best interests and the pockets of their shareholders.

  • Evil shuts down National Monuments. Koch's provide jobs. Democrats do not.

    The Koch's provide numerous job and as the 2nd largest privately held company, produce enormous amounts of money for taxes collected by the government. The democrats have not done anything about the economy. The economy is absolutely stagnant and there are no substantial jobs being created. A leader of the greatest nation on Earth should not shut down National Parks that are the property of the people. They are not his to play games with. Leaders never tell their underlings to "make it hurt" when regarding their own people. That is evil.

  • No, they are not evil.

    Why is the corporate media and political establishment singling out the Koch brothers? Last I checked there are a lot of people in the oil business. Could it be that perhaps they are using their wealth to promote libertarian ideas? I think people are confusing capitalism and free markets with what we have now, which is CORPORATISM. We need free markets to promote innovation in energy.

  • No, because evil doesn't exist.

    What these two men are is very simple - they are industrialists and capitalists. That is not 'evil' since the concept is silly to begin with and really only pertains to a person's own religious views. The only thing that makes these two men different from any other large business owner is that they have been active, outspoken and very visible in the public and political spectrums. As with any business owner, large or small, they are looking out for their own best interests and the pockets of their shareholders.

  • No, the Koch brothers are not evil.

    The billionaire Koch brothers are not evil, they are just participants in a broken capitalist society. Some may portray them as vulture capitalists and that they may be however, inherently evil they are not. If the benefits of their capitalist ambitions were not such that they override the benefits of caring for others less fortunate then I am certain that they would choose the latter instead of the former for political policy. They are merely weak willed or misguided.

  • They're just like everyone else.

    It's funny how people vote with their money to make certain firms wealthier than others and then get upset when they notice the disparity. In free societies, people choose what they want. The U.S. Is a fairly free market society, although that seems to be generally decreasing every year. Nevertheless, It's pretty clear that over the years Koch has provided services and products at costs lower than others, thus offering prices superior to competitors. They constantly innovate and support free markets. They give to charities, provide plenty of jobs, and ultimately raise living standards for all. I'm happy they've helped America's "poor" be richer than most of the world at large. And to all of you who say Koch is greedy, can I just have your money? I promise I'll use it better than you.

  • Essence of Free Market Business

    The Koch brothers employ millions of people, are the second largest private corporation in the United States, and support domestic energy and energy independence. They are the embodiment of private entrepreneurship and they have served as an inspiration to all who aspire to have their own businesses and embrace the beauty of capitalism.

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