• Not stealing it, just buying it.

    The worlds first trillionaires will emerge in a few years. Thats more than enough to buy out most countries; and many such countries would indeed have an incentive to accept a buyout offer. If someone holds private ownership on a country, they are by definition a king. The koch bros are prime candidates to become 21st century royalty; and if this trend catches up with the US, where does that leave us?? Didnt we launch a revolution to get away from kings & queens??

  • ...First...I have question

    1. COULD they?
    2. What would their goal be?
    3. What will they do after they accomplish that goal?
    4. Is there some way that they could accomplish their goals without harming poorer people and/or people who disagree with them?
    5. Why wouldn't they just take their money and move where they can buy the entire population for a much cheaper price?

  • Constitutional republic, rule of law.

    I hope they do, I prefer to live in a constitutional republic, if you favor a democratic socialist state, move to one. Don't try to make us one. Stop trying to ignore the constitution, stop trying to establish a democratic socialist state that crushes us with taxes we don't want. If you want to pay high taxes, move someplace that already charges them. If you want to live off the sweat of your neighbors brow, move to the same place.

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