• Not Enough Talent.

    With Julius Randle being injured, it is up to Kobe and Swaggy P to do the rest of the work. Lin is a decent point guard but they cant overcome the depth of the western conference. Their season is ultimately doomed, and it is well deserved for giving Kobe a 30 million dollar deal.

  • the Lakers doomed this season

    The Lakers are done for the season, and the Celtics could follow shortly. These traditional NBA kingpins have always been linked in the good times, so why should now be any different?
    The league is about to learn how to live without either team making the conference finals, something that has happened only once since 2007.

  • Lakers Doomed This Season

    The Lakers are doomed this season due to injuries and players being moved to other teams. The coach seems too passive to want to push the players hard enough this year to go all the way. Many fans are unhappy, but very optimistic. The Laker's fans are the best encouragement that the team has at this time. With consistency and focus, they should be better.

  • Doomed? I don't think so.

    I believe that most people who think that Lakers are doomed this season are probably Kobe Bryant's fans. They believe that Kobe is the saviour of Lakers and that the five rings of his are won by himself and not with his teammates - shaq and pau gasol. In my opinion, the major reason Lakers lose games this season is due to the way Kobe Bryant plays. There are several evidence. If you watch games of Lakers, you will find that the games won by Lakers are when Kobe averages 8assists a game or 15 points or less a game or even when he doesn't play. So i hardly believe that the Lakers are doomed this season. BTW I don't believe in luck and the Lakers without Kobe won one of the best team which is Golden State Warriors. I think that games with Kobe averaging 25+points are not winning games but hero games. Let's think if our opponent team has a ball hog who can score, probably we will try to double team him to take forced shots. This way the game will be expected. If everyone in the team can share the ball, then the game can be hardly predicted. You will understand if you're a basketball player.^^

  • No, the Lakers are not doomed this season.

    No, the Lakers are not doomed this season. They are off to a poor start, but with only 6 out of 82 games played there is lots of time to make up for the poor start. The Lakers have been a dominant team for many years, and I am sure they will be able to turn it around again.

  • You never know.

    No, the Lakers are not doomed this season, because they are doing a better job with fundamentals. What made the Pistons so successful in the 1990s was that, even though they didn't have the best players ever, they played as a team. That is what the Lakers are starting to realize and I think they are going to have a good year.

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