• Yes, the emails are damaging to her character

    I do not support Hillary Clinton because of the emails she has leaked. I do not support Donald Trump either, but Hillary is a liar. She is going to do anything she can to be elected into office. That means putting people down, lying, and not coming through on her promises. If I cannot trust my president, there is no way I will follow them.

  • Not her fault!

    While the leaked e-mails have enraged supporters of Bernie Sanders, it is not Hillary's fault that the scandal happened. It is the DNC that is responsible and unless it can be proved that Hillary was involved, she should not be blamed. Her character should not be implicated in this particular scandal.

  • No, leaked emails are not damanging to Hillary Clinton's character.

    No, the leaked e-mails are not damaging to a reputation based on decades of public service and accomplishment. Hillary Clinton has been under scrutiny for most of her adult life due to her husband's high-profile political career. Her independent career has thrived professionally under this high level of scrutiny, even as she built a robust and efficient service record at the highest level of government. Nothing is the e-mails counters her credentials for leadership.

  • No. People have already overlooked so many other issues that this one will blow over too.

    The recent leak of e-mails are more damaging to the Democratic party itself than to Hillary directly. They reveal fundamental unfairness toward Bernie Sanders which, while linked to Hillary Clinton are more likely to damage the party and the system than her directly. Hillary has more direct responsibility for the security breach of e-mails as Secretary of State than for these recent leaks, yet the security issues have not hurt her much to this point. So it seems likely that this will not hurt her politically either.

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