Are the Lowlands of Scotland the most Nordic/Germanic part of the UK?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Never were invaded by the Romans, the Normans, or even the mostly mixed English

    This part of Scotland was never invaded by many forces. Now the Romans did try to colonize the Lowlands, however that failed. The Normans mostly colonized the southern part of the Isles, never got to the north. The English (with the exception of certain parts of Cumberland and Northumberland) are for the most part mixed with Roman, German, Norman blood.
    Plus Scots is a Germanic language, which leads me to believe that a Germanic group was native to Scotland.

  • One word. Orkney.

    This isn't really a question. The lowlands were settled and owned by the Saxons long before the Normans arrived on British soil. By contrast, Orkney was ruled by Norway until 1468 - their flag is even a variant of the Scandinavian cross. The native dialect is knee-deep in Norwegian loan-words. In conclusion? If Orkney was as Russian as it is Nordic, Putin would already be cracking out the ballot boxes.

  • No, Scotland is mostly Celtic.

    England is by far more Germanic. England was ruled by Angles, Saxons, and later, Normans, all of them Germanic people. The Normans were also originally Nordic, albeit heavily influenced by the German Franks and Celtic Gauls when they settled in Normandy. Scotland is heavily Celtic, and even though it had influences from the Anglo-Saxons, like for example, in the Scots dialect, the Germanic and Nordic heritages always prevailed in England.

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Adam2 says2014-04-19T14:24:43.593
Plus it's a place where human rights violations, aka the KKK, is known. They treat Highlanders like garbage, calling them Nazis.
jaksunmadness says2014-04-19T18:44:57.780
What's up with all these Lowland Scotlands opinions lately. Are they the new Illuminati?