Are the lyrics of pop these days harmful towards children's development?

Asked by: Eclyptic
  • Some music can be extremely harmful

    Pop music these days is filled with explicit language and content. Listening to this from a young age can effect a child's development, Possibly being traumatic.
    In the 80s and 90s music was much more appropriate. Sure, It was all about romance, But most of it is much better for a child to listen to then the explicit, Inapropriate, Shallow music these days,

  • The message that these pop artists convey in their songs are very negative

    These days it is hard to avoid songs with negative messages thanks to TIKTOK and other social media. Things like the WAP challenge and the Out west challenge are a couple examples. The children are continually listening to the horrible message that these artists are conveying. The children look up the artists as a role-model and that is probably what leads them to do horrible things later on like their favorite artist.

  • Sure! But. . . Not really.

    Mainstream music in this day and age is indeed much more vulgar and explicit than it used to be. There´s no denying that. But the question asks if such music is ´harmful´ towards children´s development. Really, Today´s music is just exposing children to what´s really happening in the world and how people really feel about it. I, Personally, Would never consider music ´harmful´ as it is just an expression of one´s thoughts.

  • Doesn't affect, Infact enables development

    If children are exposed to real world issues, Many of which are highlighted in songs, They will develop better. Is listening to music detrimental? No. Do harmful lyrics convey harmful ideas? Yes. But knowing about, And learning the difference between right and wrong ideas is important for a child's development.

  • Well yes, But actually no.

    Pop music is often vulgar, But you really shouldn't be letting your kid prowling the internet listening to songs anyway. Your child may have been affected, But you enabled them being effected. Learn to take care of your kids, And maybe they won't be able to get into stuff they shouldn't.

  • Well, Maybe. . . Could it be something else?

    The problem is the parents. Used to be kids were raised within their parents' values and that's scary as hell, Especially nowadays. Parents no longer seem to have time for their kids and they naturally look to other behavioral models and music is everywhere.
    Wanna make things better? Regulate parenthood.

  • Most adults say this but used to listen to some of the same stuff when they were younger.

    Ever notice how Eazy- E literally would rap about slapping bitches? How in Get Money, Lil Kim literally rapped about getting head? Essentially, It's the same thing. It's all good music, And it's all for fun. Yes, Today it's a bit more vulgar, But you all demonstrate hypocrisy. Teach your kids how to seperate fiction from reality and you'll be fine.

  • You can't shelter your child from everything

    As a child that grew up listening to explicit music, Watching rated R, Movies, And other things that would be considered 'innapropriate' for a child, I turned out just find.

    I do have friends that grew up being restricted to all of these things. A friend of mine wasn't allowed to dress in low-cut clothing as a child, And as soon as she moved out, That was all she started wearing. (good for her, She's confident now) I met someone when I was in high school who was never allowed to watch anything that had to due with se*ual activity, And let's just say that now he's got a bit of an addiction. The only reason that s*x and other things that may be talked about in these songs seem innapropriate is because society made them that way. Instead, Children need to hear about these things so they aren't confused as they get older.

    The more you try to restrict something from your child, The more interested they will be. This is mainly the reason for rebellious teenagers, They experience thrill in breaking rules. Restricting certain content from your child will only cause them to misbehave.

  • It's just music.

    You people really are overreacting to explicit music. Yeah, Sure it has some swears and bad language, But it's just music they listen to. TikTok is just some stupid app for them to make videos of themselves doing some type of challenge. TikTok is really just for fun. Not all music artists do bad things.

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