• The majority are also terrorists.

    Terrorist- a person who uses terrorism in the pursuit of political aims.
    VAMA, caused by riots and protests by feminists. Bomb threats to men's rights meetings. Threats of violence towards men. Wanting to "kill all men and destroy the ["]patriarchy["]" THAT DOESNT EVEN EXIST. They are truly terrorists. Men have it wayyyyy worse in society and law.

  • Replacing Patriarchy with Matriarchy is NOT Acceptable

    If you look at the Feminist political agenda it seems to me that they are not satisfied with mere equality - they wish to mold society into a Matriarchy where the position of Women is elevated relative to Men. Witness: there are NO programs in place to get more men into Higher education even though they are vastly underrepresented, No one is trying to study and cure the reasons that the male lifespan is shorter than women's, feminists laud the Scandinavian laws where performing prostitution is legal but receiving service is illegal.

    Feminists claim sorority, a sisterhood that gives them strength in numbers. In reality though Feminism has devolved into a very Matriarchal orthodoxy that does not tolerate individual freedom of action - especially of their young and free spirited and independent daughters. The conservatives call much of this a "nanny state" and I hate to admit that in this regard they are largely correct.

  • No, but they are becoming more common.

    While most of the feminists I know in real life are fairly moderate in their views, the most vocal-both on and off the Internet-are the extremists. The feminists that complain about getting PTSD from twitter and use shaming and threatening language on anyone who disagrees with them. Those kinds of feminists are becoming increasingly radical and increasingly sexist. And I think it is only a matter of time before those feminists either drive out all the moderates or convert them, leaving only the radfems and their hate-based ideology.

  • I never met one

    I study Sociology, in my university there are a lot of feminist of both genders and none of them are extremist. I think that those extremist feminist only exist on the internet and are more like sects. The vast majority of feminist are common people who don't waste their time in shouting at men all day.

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