Are the Marines really better than the Army?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • No, I'd say they're the same.

    I've been in the Army for 6 years. Both have their ups and downs. I'll admit that the initial entry training in the Marines seem a bit harder. You can never really find any videos of Army Drill Sergeants being hard on privates/recruits. It's because when the cameras were rolling and if live ammunition was involved at a range they toned it down a notch. Especially if there was a photographer on the range and we had live ammunition. Any other time they were going on a power trip just because they could. I remember timed 30 second cold showers and when we got smoked in our bay the Drill Sergeants would crank the heat up as high as it goes. I remember once I couldn't do pushups where I was at because my hands would slip because of how much of my sweat was on the floor. Anyways, after all the initial entry training is complete training doesn't stop there. You'll be constantly training and going on deployments. You'll get switched around from position to position. I started out as a rifleman, got back from deployment and was on a Bradley for a few years, then when I was about to ETS they replaced me with a new driver and made me a dismount...An automatic rifleman.

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