Are the medical license revocation criteria too harsh?

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  • No, Respect for Doctors' Knowledge and Skills Protects Them Too Much

    Doctors know how hard it is to become a doctor, and they are
    proud of the difficult and important work they do. So they hesitate to get one another in
    trouble. The hospitals that oversee many doctors are often timorously careful not
    to publicize doctors’ mistakes. The government is gentle with doctors too. For
    example, doctors who develop addictions may be diverted to rehabilitation
    programs rather than have their problems made public and their license taken
    away. Many may be restored to health this way, but some physicians keep their
    license when they are dangerously impaired.

  • How can something that happens so rarely be classified as too harsh?

    If the medical license revocation criteria were as onerous as doctors would have you believe, there wouldn't be as much misconduct in that profession. Sexual abuse, drug addiction, and just flat out unprofessional and rude behavior is often the norm these days because medical doctors know what they can get away with. Revocation only happens in the most extreme cases -- usually when the media starts paying attention.

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