• They really are

    One direction are such perfect role models .They help children with hard lives . They spend half their money on their families . They love their fans so much and they are so humble. Plus they are super hot and they work really hard to give us these amazing music love you much 1d

  • They make people feel loved and appreciated. They've saved lives, of course they're role models

    There are countless examples of why they are. Harry has, on countless occasions showed his support for the lgbtq+ community, making their concerts a safe place for everyone. He is also an avid feminist who has shown his support for equal rights in every aspect of life wether it be sexuality, gender, race, religion you name it. Each of them have donated millions to charity and constantly encourage fans to be good people. They took part in an anti bullying campaign and took time out of their hectic schedule to sing in band aid to help the Ebola crisis. Need I go on? Liam was bullied as a child and now gives young people hope that things can get better. Zayn had anorexia but showed people things get better. Harry self harmed but showed people things get better. You have to remember being a role model doesn't mean they take on the job of parents. YOU need to raise your child to know the dangers of drugs and to know they shouldn't take them. If they do take drugs then it's something YOU have to address as a parent, it's certainly not any member of the bands responsibility.

  • They are down to earth.

    The guys appreciate their fans. They don't care about the fame, fortune, and girls. Harry Styles has said an in interview that he dislikes the word 'fame' because people use it as a title on others.
    The guys also know that if it weren't for the fans they wouldn't be where they are now. The band thanks the fans as often as possible.

  • YES, YES, YES , yes.

    DUH One Direction brightens my life, any time any day. Without them, what would I be doing with my life? They show kids that money isn't everything and how each of them didn't have any "special connections" to get where they are now. They are a perfect example of what boys should be what they are older, respectable, kind, gentle, caring human beings. Listen to their songs, "Little Things" (about insecurities and how a girl is still beautiful with them), "Diana" (about a suicidal girl and Princess Diana, etc. Thanks:)

  • Of course they are

    They are saying "don't need makeup to cover up" they are very good role models and are very supporting. They say girls are beautiful no matter what. They don't criticize people for being bi or gay or anything like that. They are very good people. They may of done drugs or smoked but that's their problem not ours.

  • One Direction's Cool

    Their songs are all loved up (I don't particularly care, though) but some songs are about loving yourself, and there is someone there who loves you regardless of your outward appearance (little things, Diana, Hey Angel). They're funny and laidback and they don't conform to boyband stereotypes (no matching clothes or dancing needed). They're extremely humble; sure they wear expensive clothes, but they're rich, so why do they need to buy stuff from Aldo? They don't show off their riches at all. They're also very grounded; they don't let fame get to their heads, and they know that their job is to make music and that's that. It's just the fans that make it more than what they're actually doing. They're very close to their families, and they miss home. They haven't forgotten where they come from (Don't Forget Where You Belong), and I think that's an important mindset to have if you're as famous as they are. They don't start rumours or trash talk other celebrities. They haven't objectified people in their music videos at all. And about Louis and Zayn with the marijuana video: they were in Peru, which is legal, and they weren't bothering anyone??? They're pretty cool, and they're talented too.

  • They tell girls they are beautiful and that no matter what someone out there loves them.

    Listen to their songs Little Things, Diana, What Makes You Beautiful. They tell girls what other guys don't say, which hurts girl. Its like when you get called ugly by your crush, but you know One Direction loves you and knows your beautiful in your own way whether you're a fan or not.

  • I suppose so

    In my opinion one direction are one of the few bands that have managed to keep their material clean. By clean I mean with no trace of swear words and their videos do not show any unnecessary parts of their or anyone else's bodies.

    As of know all we can do is wait and see whether they stay that way

  • Yes- they absolutely are

    One Directions music is not only upbeat, feel good, and lively, it is also motivational and uplifting. The boys have worked hard to get where they are, they teach their fans many lessons. Yes, - they have made a couple mistakes, but who hasn't? Imagine very single mistake you've made being all over social media and on the news. The boys have done an amazing job at sticking to their roots and staying out of trouble. They also do a great amount of charity work and campaigns to ultimately make the world a better place. They are definitely amazing role models.

  • Yes they are

    I personally really like One Direction and I look up to them a lot. Yes, they make mistakes, but don't we all? They do charities like Comic Relief that help children all around the UK and Africa. They helps teens get through hard times through their music. One Direction are perfect role models!

  • Peru, that is all.

    Recently in local news and verified by a certain member's posted video. Zayn and Louis were enjoying what was seen to be an illegal drug. Anyone that says the two are good role models are absolutely stupid. As for Harry, if we look at this from a sanctity of relationship point of view, he is worse than say Taylor Swift or beloved Miley Cyrus. The other two are okay, still not great.

  • One direction are a group of boys in their 20s, of course not

    Zayn and louis of one direction have been caught smoking weed in a car while also using racial slurs. Pictures of harry styles of one direction have come up showing him drunk, half naked, peeing into bush. They use swear words in their tweets. Absolutely none of them are good role models for child. Even though i still support them, i don't think that the are perfect. Whatever "squeaky clean image" you guys are talking about, is completely distorted.

  • No - Already been caught with drugs!

    I don't feel the members of One Direction are good role models. Various members of One Direction have already been caught using drugs. I also find the way they treated their female fans in the early days of One Direction to be wrong, when they stated in a magazine interview that they regularly took fans back to their hotel room.

  • One Direction should not even be in the running as role models

    Pop stars are in no position to serve as role models. I believe this to be the case because it is not their responsibility to teach morals to our young people. Aspirations to become a pop star are slim to none and parents should make it clear to their children what attributes are admirable from potential role models. Pop stars do not fit this mold in the lease.

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