• Yes, today's men are masculine enough

    Today's men are most definitely masculine enough. Some people may think men are effeminate because more of them are not afraid to show their feelings, but I believe this is actually a sign of strength. Today's men are still very masculine and continue to participate in masculine hobbies and sports such as football and weight-lifting.

  • Not all men are masculine

    First of all, what says that a man must be masculine? I feel as if it's alright for a man to be as masculine as they want, just as it is alright for a woman to be as feminine as she wants. There is no masculine "enough." There is only what is. Not what MUST be.

  • Yes, I think men of today are masculine enough.

    While there has been a shift of men going from doing physically demanding jobs to more technology orientated jobs the vast majority of men are still just as masculine as they ever have been in history, there are substainal number of men who actively work to improve their bodies on a daily basis.

  • No, they are not.

    There is lots of talk nowadays of there being no gender specific roles and that there's no line between genders and that a lot of traits between gender overlaps. This is true in some senses. But, as a man, I like being a man. And this doesn't mean I like to control women or find myself superior. But I love the feeling of being the guardian and protector.

  • No, they are not masculine enough as before

    No, today, many male are not masculine enough because of their acting and behaviors, comparing to many years ago, males nowadays is influenced by a culture trend that makes them acting like females, or dressing like females and even taking like females. Less males go out and play sports like footballs, instead, they stay at home most of time.

  • not a lot

    I think that there are still a lot of masculine men, but i think that there are a whole lot that are in big cities that are not as tough as they need to be, or are as tough as we are out in the rural areas of the nation.

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Procrastin80r says2016-04-03T23:21:03.160
What exactly is "masculine enough"? Masculine is subjective.

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