Are the Montreal Canadiens the best NHL team to exist?

Asked by: Bruinshockeyfan
  • Most Stanley cups.

    They have the most Stanley cups, hence they are the best. First of all people say that because the NHL picked only players near the area back then doesn't mean that they are lucky to be good. It wasn't only from the beginning of the NHL that they got so many Stanley cups.

  • No they arent

    People say they are, they won the most stanley cups, but they aren't. Back when the NHL started there was no draft. So teams got players based on their location. Back then, the best players where French Canadian so they got to play for Montreal which made them win so many cups back in the original 6 era and early years of the NHL. Still, today they think theyre entitled to every good canadian player and get mad if they dont get them. Sidney crosby, Martin brodeur, and johnothan toews just to name a few.

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