Are the Nets going to make it to the NBA finals?

Asked by: aronhasangjekaj
  • The Nets are going to make the NBA finals.

    Look at the Nets coach... His name would be Jason Kidd. After a poor start for the Brooklyn Nets, there was no hope for them. But when it came to New Years, they were a complete different team. The Nets are 33-13 since New Years. Jason Kidd has one two coach of the month awards also. Nets even sweeped the season series from the Miami Heat, 4-0. They are one of the best teams in the NBA right now. The Nets have now clinched a playoff berth and at the moment will be versing the Chicago Bulls. The Chicago Bulls eliminated the Nets last year in the first round of the playoffs, 4-3. But the Nets have big potential going into the playoffs and winning it all.

  • At least not this year

    I'm sorry, but there are plenty of teams that are better then the Nets. In the next few years, they may become a good contender, but now, I think the odds are against them. Jason Kidd got into a rough start coaching, and Kevin Garnett, just isn't him. Some possible teams are, Thunder, Heat, Pacers, Clippers and Spurs.

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