• Yes, the Patriots are poised for another championship run.

    Although Tom Brady is certainly getting up there in age for an NFL player, his record speaks for itself. And if anything, Peyton Manning has proved age need not be an issue for a quarterback with a high-level football IQ. Given this, it's not hard to see that the Patriots could be poised for another great playoff run and maybe even a chance to win it all.

  • Yes, the New England Patriots are poised for another championship run.

    I think that the New England Patriots are well on their way to a strong run in the playoffs toward the championship. They have the coach - Bill Belichick. They have the Quarterback - Tom Brady. Their defense is solid and includes Darrelle Revis aka Revis Island. They also have the best Tight End in the League when he is healthy - Rob Gronkowski. I am not a fan but I know what they are capable of.

  • Yes, the Patriots are guaranteed a championship run this year.

    The New England Patriots are leading the AFC East with an outstanding record of 8-2. Not only that, but they also hold the longest win streak in their division at 6 wins. They also have a star quarterback in Tom Brady whom has carried them to the Super Bowl several times in the past.

  • Watch the NFC South.

    I do not think that they are poised for another championship. I believe the conference to watch is the NFC South, because even though the teams in the division have won the least games out of all the other divisions, the Saints and the Falcons both seem to have caught momentum that the could carry to the off season and surprise us all.

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