Are The New Global Sanctions Enough To Keep North Korea From Getting "The Bomb?"

  • Yes, the new global sanctions are enough to keep North Korea from getting "the bomb".

    The new global sanctions are enough to keep North Korea from getting "the bomb" because China has warned North Korea against creating nuclear weapons. As China is North Korea's biggest ally, their words and actions have a lot of weight when it comes to dealing with North Korea. North Korea will most likely never get a chance to use a large scale bomb because the international community will put an end to it first.

  • We also have China supporting this

    North Korea's been causing quite a few headaches for a lot of people, even their own ally China. As a result China's hand has been forced multiple times to keep their little pet under control and these sanctions show just how serious we have to be to ensure we avoid nuclear war at all costs. North Korea isn't exactly well known for having a lot of resources so having these mandatory inspections of any ships coming to and from North Korea will definitely halt any progress they were making.

  • Sanctions or Not, We Need To Watch

    Sanctions or not, we need to watch North Korea, as this countries instability is the concern for not only the US, but for the world. Words on paper, hand shakes and more are definitely not enough to keep the leaders of the world from protecting their country from what they think might be a threat.

  • These measures are counter-productive.

    North Korea's policy of Military First means that sanctions will simply urge the North Korean government to work ordinary people harder to make up deficits in materials as well as cutting back on spending on food and medical supplies so that they can deal on the illicit market. Also, it is unlikely that these sanctions will be enforced by North Korea's largest trading partner China who have a history of undercutting international boycotts.

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