• Shades of 1984

    As soon as government mandates citizens to purchase individual health insurance, our rights, our freedom to choose, are usurped.

    Ensuring that health care is affordable is Far Different than Compelling individuals to purchase health care insurance under Threat of Penalty.

    It is the right of the individual to choose to purchase, or not, health care coverage.

  • Already falling apart.

    Yes, the new Obamacare health laws are a failure, because businesses are already opting out. They are going to the government and saying that they cannot afford to give the health care to their employees. The government then gives them an exemption, and the people know they are no better off than they were before.

  • Results are mixed

    Obamacare is too extensive to be labeled an absolute failure or a monumental success. Like many sweeping laws, it has its good and bad parts. Obamacare does provide for a number of consumer friendly improvements to the healthcare system that actually do reduce costs and increase coverages. However it also is plagued with issues such as the "you can keep your plan" nonsense and the baffling individual mandate "tax." The individual mandate and its associated fine is the single issue that makes Obamacare more of a negative in my opinion. It is unfair to punish a consumer who doesn't want insurance in a free market or simply can not afford to have it because they fall in a hole between having enough money to comfortably pay for healthcare insurance and getting subsidies to pay it for them. Personally I fall into this hole as my subsidy is completely negligible but most of my income is already committed to bills.

  • No, many people now have access to health insurance.

    No, the Obamacare laws are not a failure, as they have allowed many people who didn't not have medical coverage access to health insurance. The laws also offer coverage at a reduced cost depending on a person's income so that insurance is affordable for everyone. The Medicaid expansion also allowed many of the most in-need of insurance to get it.

  • Not A Failure

    It is obvious that few people have accessed health care through the new website. I think the number was in the millions but it was low, just hearing it on the radio this morning. They reported 27% were without health care before. For that reason I can't say it is failure because it will provide health care to those that didn't have it before, which is good. I think Obamacare is a work in progress. It has problems but it will eventually lead to equal health care for all.

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