Are the new songs by Guns N' Roses and Axl Rose relevant in today's music scene?

  • They are back on the airwaves!

    Guns n roses have taken their music to a whole new different level. I have always admired them and have even deserved to be given more respect this time. Axl rose will always be an icon no matter what music he would be making. He can still sing though even at 53..

  • The new songs by Guns N' Roses and Axl Rose are relevant in today's music scene.

    Axle Rose and the new members of his Guns N' Roses band launched a comeback in early 2000 with the release of an album called Chinese Democracy. The new album features many new tracks which were brand new in the music world. Guns N' Roses has been on tour from 2011 to the present and that signifies that thier new songs are relevant in today's music scene.

  • Guns N' Roses will always be relevant in music

    Guns N' Roses will always be a part of the music scene. Axl Rose was a changing force in American music and a part of his art will remain forever, imprinted on new artists of the current times. The way he dressed with his head band hung low on his eyes is still being used by artist of today. The way he broke through the "norm" of the 80's music will be carried on as new artists break through this generations "norm".

  • Never been less relevant

    It can be reasonably argued that Guns N' Roses have not been relevant since Appetite for Destruction, where their music was generation and genre defining. Not releasing a follow-up for several years, the band has failed to significantly evolve in any way and stand primarily as a relic, and not even a legendary relic like The Who or The Rolling Stones, who have the decency to tour only the classics at this point.

  • Not like they used to be.

    As a fan of Guns N' Roses in the 80's and 90's, I can safely say that I've never even bothered to listen to the new GNR songs beyond what I've heard on TV and on the radio. I think they are mediocre compared to the old offerings and that the style of rock that they play is not the kind of music that today's youth listen to.

  • It's not my favorite

    I don't think that the new music by Guns N Roses is really relevent to today's music scene because it's not gaining any traction. I think they should just stick to the hits and go from there. I think the Slash is a really intelligent musician, but their new stuff is not great.

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