• They give off too many high vibes. Tone it down!

    I like seeing nice colors and these aren't nice. Sure you can look like the pretty flowers booming in the Netherlands, buzzing waves against the bright blue sky, but here, seeing to many bright colored girls in one room freaks me out.

    I've seen too many dark blue and grey dresses here and there already.
    No more traffic signs!

  • My eyes hurt

    Spring is a horrible time of year when it comes to fashion colors. From light pastels that are incredibly outdated to highlighter bright yellows and pinks, spring is an absolute eyesore in the fashion world. I much prefer the more muted color of fall and winter to the eye-wateringly bright yellows and pinks of spring.

  • No, the new spring fashion colors are not too bright.

    No, the new spring fashion colors are not too bright. The season is all about the beauty of nature coming back to life. All around you are bright hues. I love fitting in with the blooming flowers, singing birds and other bold colors that signify the start of this year's spring.

  • Same As Last Year

    I'm not too surprised by the new spring fashion colors because they're basically the same as they were last year. Neons and lots of them were fashionable last season and they are again this year. There's nothing new about that. I think the neons are interesting, but I'm hoping we leave it in the past come fall.

  • No they are great

    The colors that we are seeing for the 2014 spring line are very great colors. The different shades of brightness help people stand out and possibly make themselves feel good. The colors are very trending and help people even think of spring. It is good to go out of the norm.

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