Are the New York Giants going to make the playoffs this upcoming season?

  • Eli Manning and better D

    The only thing that could cause the giants to miss playoffs are not having a legit number 2 receiver and the O line could be better and allow less sacks and hits TE is good need FS bad but if they draft Jeremy Cash in 2 or 3 then they will pick up a great young duo in the back end and the giants always neglect linebacker so I expect nothing less because Myles Jack will be gone by 10 so they will draft Elliot because he is a 3 down back and I see a HOFer type talent in him because he is a big mean SOB that the giants will use to complete the giants triplets, or they will get Shaq Lawson who reminds me of Justin Tuck so a solid pick up in him. If the giants do draft a receiver it should be Corey Coleman because he is the best possession receiver because if a receiver can't catch then he is no good to me, but I have him going around 17-25 because people are over valuing Treadwell. The best thing for the giants to do is sign Anquan Boldin Draft Elliot in 1 then draft Cash in 2 then draft killebrew because he is a stone cold killer move Collins up to linebacker if those two perform good in camp

  • They don't have the depth

    No, the New York Giants aren't going to make the playoffs this upcoming season because they haven't made good enough choices about who they are going to put on their team. They need to do a better job of selecting players and then putting them in good positions if they want to have a chance to make the playoffs. There are too many other good teams that will keep them out.

  • It is a rebuilding year for them.

    With a new coach, there will be a lot of rebuilding for the New York Giants this upcoming season. Their division is always tough, so I doubt they will be able to make the playoffs. I do think they will get better and have lots of chances in the future.

  • Probably not, but the NFL is somewhat random and they are in a bad division.

    There is a lot of randomness in the NFL season each year. Teams that look awful one season make the playoffs the next season, and teams that are good enough to make the playoffs sometimes lose several close games and don't make it. It's very difficult to say whether the Giants will make the playoffs. I think they are close to being good enough to do it, but it's never easy in the NFL.

  • Giants probably won't make the playoffs this season

    I think that with Tom Coughlin's departure the Giants will have some growing pains under new leadership and probably will not make the playoffs this upcoming season. I think it will take time for the team to re-establish itsel before they can be expected to make the playoffs or rise to Super Bowl level.

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