Are the New York Giants going to reach the Superbowl this upcoming season?

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  • The New York Giants are unlikely to reach the Super Bowl

    The New York Giants do not seem likely to reach the Super Bowl this season. Although the team seems like it will be better, and there are several quality additions via free agency, they need to learn the system and how to play together. There is also a rookie head coach, who will go through trials and tribulations.

  • The Giants are not Superbowl ready

    The New York Giants have been very good in the past, but looking at this upcoming season, there seems to be many questions about how good they can be. They have a new coach coming in, and year one for a new coach is usually very difficult. Also, the defense played very poorly last year, so it may take a while before they can get good players signed.

  • The Giants will not get to the Super Bowl

    I am a Giants fan and I still don't think they can make it. It will help if Victor Cruz comes back, and the coaching change may be positive as well. However, the Giants defense is a mess, along with their offensive line. These are not things that can be fixed in one year.

  • Not enough depth

    The New York Giants don't have enough depth to reach the Superbowl. A team is a group effort. It's not a few superstars. The Giants don't have a second and third string that can back up their stars. When people start to get injured, this will be a problem for the Giants that ultimately holds them back.

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