Are the New York Rangers significantly better than the rest of the Eastern Conference?

  • The Rangers are better

    The Rangers are better than the rest of the conference, at least for this year. There are always star players and star teams that take the cake each year, and now it is the Rangers. Let's hope they keep going so they can give their fans and the whole of the NFL a great show this year.

  • The Rangers are not better than other Eastern Conference teams.

    While the New York Rangers are a solid and good hockey club, they are no better than any of the other remaining Eastern Conference teams still in contention for the Stanley Cup. What the Rangers have is a long history of riding momentum and patterns to achieve the greatest victory in sports, hoisting the Stanley Cup over their shoulders.

  • Rangers Better Than Most

    I do not agree that the New York Rangers are significantly better that the rest of the Eastern Conference. They are a good them but I think that the times they won they played a better game. It might just be there time to shine but your up one day and the next your down

  • The Eastern Conference is tough all the way around

    The New York Rangers are an outstanding team with several top-notch players. If they remain consistent, get some sound goal tending, and play as a team they will have a good chance to win the Stanley Cup. The Eastern Conference has been tough all season long and the Rangers are a product of experience facing good opponents all season long. They are not significantly better than the rest of the conference but they are well rounded and capable of winning a championship.

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