Are the newer generations blurring too many lines when it comes to gender identity?

  • It's redundant and silly.

    It's just too confusing and it down plays the real struggles that others have. First world problems. If we go to war with NK, I don't think people will have time to sit around whining about such silly PC things anymore. These last couple of generations have a "me me me" focus and this is a great example of what that brings. Always trying to stand out and be different pushing the envelope farther and farther till things back fire. They always do.

  • Makes a mockery of real LGBT people

    I think its ridiculous for people to say there are so many genders. It makes a mockery of what lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people have had to go through to be themselves. It's as if now that its okay to be trans or gay or bi that people think 'Oh, seeing as I won't get any backlash, I might as well join in with the fun!' People have fought for decades for their rights and now insecure teens are taking advantage of that and trying to be special snowflakes. I think its awful and makes a mockery of real transgender people.

  • Yes way too many

    It's getting to the point where LGBTQ+ will be as long as the alphabet. I get people who are gay or bisexual but this transgender thing is insane. You are born with certain reproductive organs which labels you as a woman or man. A guy can remove both his organs and is still a man I don't care what anyone says. Removing them doesn't change you from
    Being a man or woman

  • Laughs in the Face of Biology

    From a biological standpoint there are two genders. Male and female,now being transgender is fine if you are like Bruce (Caitlyn) Jenner where you want to go from one to another,but there are still only 2 genders. People say gender is a social construct but really, genders like non binary are the real social construct. If there were more than 2 there would be more physiological and biological differences

  • Too many new genders

    While I'm not denying being transgender, i.e. the sex of the brain and body not matching up, is real, it's this "non-binary" stuff that makes me skeptical because there simply isn't enough science to back it up. Humans are a sexually dimorphic species; the only case of there being an "in-between" is when someone is intersex, but that happens in the womb when something goes wrong with the hormones and/or chromosomes, and is extremely rare so is better off being treated as the exception rather than the rule.

    There are also so many terms being made up (demigender, agender, magigender etc.) that are really just used to define the level of masculinity/femininity in the way an individual expresses themself. Because everyone experiences their gender/sex differently, wouldn't this mean EVERYONE has their own gender, making these labels useless? On top of that, I see these labels being exclusively used by younger people. Older people don't bother because they understand that being who they are does NOT require a label, it just is. We live in an age where women can become doctors and lawyers and men can stay home and care for children. If a man wants to be a stay-at-home dad it doesn't make him any less of a man, nor does it make a woman who wants to become a doctor or lawyer or join the army any less of a woman.

    Basically all the made-up gender labels are used to describe an individual's quirks and style, and equating them to being transgender which is an actual diagnosable medical condition makes that label useless as well.

  • Yes, there are not 1000 different genders

    Liking to play sports doesn't make you less of a girl, and wanting to dress up doesn't make you less of a boy. So many people think that gender is based on their personality or tastes, but it is just a biological and mental state. The cause of these new gender terms if that young people feel the need to define and label themselves. Everyone is different, just accept that.

  • Of course they are

    I do believe in male and female, and all the things in between, but not every little step is a new gender. There's just too much nowadays. Otherkin, agender, demi-gender, gendr-fluid, queer, transgender (not made up), all the other made up crap.

    Everyone is just trying to be some kind of special snowflake

  • The newer generations are blurring too many lines when it comes to gender identity.

    Young people are being too permissive about gender identity. It is not natural for people to be able to change their sex as easily as it has become in recent years. People should be happy with their natural endowments, and they should not be permitted to have a sex change.

  • Yes, they certainly are.

    Yes, I believe the newer generations are blurring the lines between gender identity They don't seem to have the need to be locked into any of the traditional roles that previous generations lived by. The newer generations are open to single parenting, same sex parenting, and transgender parenting. They accept alternative lifestyles.

  • Not at all

    Male and female genders, are not the only ones out there, and maybe we're just growing more comfortable about this idea. It is possible to be genderfluid, meaning one day you feel as a girl, one day you may feel as a boy, or somedays you might be both or niether! Non binary folks just don't have a gender identity. Keep in mind that gender ad sex is different. Your sex is what genitals you have, and your gender is what you feel or are sure of, you are. I knew I was a boy when I was 2. Im trans, fully out.

  • Society continues to progress

    Human beings are very complicated. In our time, the issue of gay marriage continues to polarize the country. Go back 150 years, and African American men gained the right to vote. It took another 50 for women to gain the vote. The further back you go, the more you will find that certain groups of people were denied rights or discriminated against. As the human species marches on, we continue to fight and kill one another, but more and more we see each other as equals. Wars today are fought more over idealologies than skin color. So it goes with gender. As the differences between us begin to matter less and less, people become more free to express who they are. As homosexuality becomes more excepted, more people with even less conventional sexual preferences become free to live more in the open. I think as time passes this will only continue. In other words, gender identity has always been very complicated and diverse, and there have always been people who were not satisfied with their gender, but they simply didn't live in a society where they could express it. It is societal progress that they now feel they can.

  • Newer generations are not blurring too many lines when it comes to gender identity.

    Newer generations are not blurring too many lines when it comes to gender identity. People have the right to identify themselves in whatever way they feel comfortable. It doesn't matter what people call themselves, it matters what kind of person they are on the inside. If labeling themselves in a certain manner makes them feel better about themselves, why should we stand in the way of that?

  • It's so pathetic!

    Being a teenager myself, I feel ashamed of the people around me making up all of these unnecessary words up out of thin air! There are 2 GENDERS. The only 3rd is intersex which is a genuine medical condition. Yes, I do accept people who are gay, lesbian, bisexual, good for them, I don't particularly care. The part I hate is when if we don't all shout and scream about how great it is, we are backwards, judging bigots who don't accept people which is NOT true. All of these new genders are unnecessary, forcing children and young people to question things they never have before, in order to fit into a box. Things are getting far too out of hand.

  • Maybe it's a bit too much

    To be honest I don't see why we have gender or these labels in the first place. I understand that someone is either assigned to the male or female sex which is determined by there body but gender is completely different to that. But as society has given us no way out of the standard male and female labels (gender wise) I think that people should be able to identify with these "newly found" gender identities such as non binary/agender which I myself identify as however maybe we should just stick to the umbrella terms to save confusion.

    I don't want to offend any other people who use other labels but I think that we could just live with three:male,female and non binary

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