• Simply Boston Marathon

    Please let's get real here people, nothing but a storybook ending; exactly what is needed for the public. Boston Strong is a great story to follow to make some cash, and to try to bring the nation back to normality. Right after the event all police got free tickets to the Boston games, hmm says much?! That's their job isn't it? I don't get extra benefits when I barely meet a deadline?! Think of every series and how Boston had an amazing story...Now look game 7 in the final oh noo! The only person I'm mad at is myself for not betting a couple grand on Boston before the playoffs, anyone could have predicted this. Pathetic. Why ruin a sport for money and PR? I have a lot of sympathy for the Boston victims but rigging a sport is not necessary.

  • Calls vs non-calls

    The refs (and Bettman) have the final say in who they want to advance. Seems kind of odd that the last five teams standing have all won the Cup in the last 5 years? Players that consistently take dives still are not being called and imaginary calls still take the forefront of any game.

  • Multimillionaires don"t leave financial affairs to chance...

    Look at last years playoffs...

    Phoenix, a team that struggled through the regular season, and was owned by the league "surprisingly" plowed their way through the playoffs, earning millions in revenue for the NHL and making them an attractive asset for someone to buy...Until someone did purchase the team and very quickly they made their exit in five games...

    If you look a each and every series in those playoffs the team that was in the greatest financial difficulty, or the team that was the larger television market, or both (or the team that was owned by the league...) won the series...In a television contract renegotiation year...


  • Yes the fix is in, just ask the Red Wings

    Just look at the 98 Red Wings take a dive that would embarrass most professional wrestlers. And look at how many series go either 6 or 7 games... All of them have. And if you watched the 98 Wings, at what should have been an easy 4 game sweep, they suddenly completely shut down and didn't even skate!

  • Sure it is

    Anyone stupid enough to buy this, see the Bruins - Blackhawks game 4, 2013 playoffs. Unexpectedly Blackhawks score a few goals, one being short handed - then the refs step in. Doing drops over and over until the Bruins win them, sending multiple Blackhawks players to the penalty box after a scrap where the Bruins behaved the worst, calling penalties the minute after the Hawks score again while letting the Bruins do whatever they like - refs taking complete control until the score is just how they want it.

  • Boston Bruins: Feel Good Story of The Year

    Blatant non-calls allow Boston to utilize their game plan- hammer the crap out of the opposition, score a goal- and win 1-0.... It's funny how in October it's called charging and in June it's called finishing your check. Also roughing in October is called battling for position in June...The continuous charging, slashing, obstruction, spearing, slew footing calls that occur a few feet from the ref are not called.

  • An Unbiased Perspective

    I never thought so because I know referring hockey is very difficult. Much harder than other sports. I see games and calls go one teams way quite often. It happens, but its statistically likely. But this year (2017) I watched it go one teams way in a dozen straight games. That's beyond suspect. For the first time, I believe its fixed. Its most clear when you have no vested interest in who wins and that's the case in my argument. This year the league clearly wants Anaheim to win. Getzlaf is one of my favourite players, so I take no joy in saying this. In round 2 Edmonton dominated every game except one. Without referee error they won the series in 5 games. In the series the Ducks committed FAR more penalty infractions but were somehow called FAR fewer times than the Oilers. It wasn't even close and beyond debate. It was disgusting and transparent to anyone who knows the game. In round three the Ducks were given the same edge over Nashville. Its understandable the league doesn't want an Edmonton-Nashiville semi, just as they don't want Ottawa–they are small markets. But I don't care. If Anaheim goes through another round I will be not watching the finals for the first time in 40 years.

  • Flames always get shit no goal calls on goals and Anaheim always gets away with their dirty goals it's a fix no question

    Second game against Anaheim flames got a legitimate goal every video showed it but of course the goal wasn't allowed. 3rd game Anaheim gets a goal that is 100 percent illegal but guess what they allow it. It's a bloody fix no question. Not to mention the league should suspend these players that keep attacking injured players right where they're injured it's disgraceful.

  • 4 canadian teams this year start 4 losses double penalties against.

    Absolutely disgusting ref action. Cant beat south cal teams and the refs.

    Oilers draw worst ref to start the series...Tim Peel.

    Not one call on numberous hooks...Holds and muggings on mcdavid and then every tiny thing called on. Calgary at least got a double at the end of the game ....Of course after it was 7 penalties to 1!

    Fuk nhl hockey!

  • 2011 final nhl

    Why does alot of penalities be called in playoffs specially last year was alot of power plays mostly it's hawks it's crazy but they are obviously doing it for the money.But don't get into sports too much they are making us go away from important things so whatever guys fuck it

  • I really doubt it

    Whoever says any sports playoffs are fixed are just jealous about the fact that their team didn't make it in. Why would an NFL playoff tournament be fixed? What does anyone have to gain by that? Absolutely nothing. It is what it is, fans need to accept it and that's all.

  • Not a chance

    If you've spent any time around hockey or hockey players you'd know that even if somebody was seriously making a push to rig the playoffs it wouldn't happen, these guys are too proud. They care about this cup too much. Look back to the Bruins Canucks final of 2011 and Stamkos getting his nose exploded by taking a slapshot off it, he was back on the ice in a couple of minutes. These guys would not stand for rigging a sport that is so dear to them.

  • No, I don't think so

    There is no reason to believe that the playoffs are fixed in the NHL. From what I've seen, they seem to be fair for all teams. Even though I am a San Jose Sharks fan, and they lose in the playoffs every year, I still do not have reason to believe that they are fixed.

  • No, the NFL And NBA are

    Who has the implication that the NHL can be rigged? What benefits do they get by "fixing" the playoffs? Also, lots of big markets miss out on the playoffs every year, like Montreal last year and Philadelphia this year. If it was fixed for money then those teams would always make it and pretty sure a professional hockey team wouldn't keep Canada from winning the cup for nearly 20 years if it were fixed. It doesn't make any sense to suggest that it's fixed.

  • No they are not.

    NHL playoffs are not predetermined in anyway shape or form. However, what can happen, and what I think sometimes does happen is that a referee can maybe favor one team over another and call some poor penalties against the other team during the series. Sometimes a very annoying thing referee's will do is, if he makes a call but the coach whines and complains and yells enough at the referee, the referee usually will call a "soft" penalty against the other team to make up for the "bad" call he made earlier to make people happy.

  • Absolutely ridiculous idea

    Why on Earth would the NHL actually rig the playoffs? Compared to other major sports, hockey gets the least amount of viewership, so why would the NHL actually bother to do something like that? And how would the NHL pull off such a feat? What, tell each goalie before the game to give up a certain number of goals. Anyone that thinks the playoffs are rigged are either 1.) Upset that their team isn't in the playoffs or was knocked out of the playoffs or 2.) Still upset about a previous year. It just isn't possible or even logical.

  • Conspiracy theorists everywhere.

    The money teams spend to get a chance to win the coveted prize in their sport is proof it can't be fixed. Or no one would spend that much money, or players would not play there. This is not World Wrestling. These are real athletes competing for the ultimate prize with humans making the calls. Humans make mistakes, but could never manipulate a game and pull the wool over millions of peoples eyes at once. Fact is most games are won on momentum which means one team is in the others head. The best team with the best players can be beat any day by a another team who believes in themselves. But the key word is Team. How many upsets have there been in the world of sports because of this? And if you bet on sports your better off playing the lottery.

  • Clearly they are not fixed

    If the NHL playoffs were fixed, Boston wouldn't have swept Pittsburgh. The NHL, the analysts from every network/newspaper/blog thought Crosby would be handed the cup - including Crosby. The disappointment in their voices when calling the games was clearly evident.
    Also, take into consideration the Toronto series with Boston - the ice was a mess at times because it was so hot out. The puck was taking crazy bounces that nobody could control - including the mighty NHL. There was no real way of doing anything about that except hope your team was the one that got lucky as the game went on.
    People need to accept that TEAMS win games, series, cups. Not individual guys. It's a team sport, and the best team wins, the best heart wins, the hungriest team wins. Get over your bellyaching, back your team if you're a true fan and hope for a better season next year.

  • nhl playoff games are not fixed

    I do not think NHL playoff games are fixed. History shows that there have been times when a lower seed has made a deep run in the playoffs and has even won the stanley cup. Last years playoffs are a good example. The Phoenix Coyotes made it to the western conference finals and were the first team to beat the LA Kings in the playoffs.

  • Grow up guys

    Of course the playoffs arnt fixed. How would that even work? How would you hide it from the players? Why havent there been any squeekers? How could you control entire games like that?
    This is a childish conspiracy theory spawned by people who have invested way too much of their emotional energy in professional sports.

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